Remember That Time…We Got Soaked Over 50 Cents?

28.April 2011

Jordan, Remember That Time

Now that we’ve returned home and have settled back into our routine lives again we find it funny how our travel stories keep coming up. Invariably one of us will look at the other and say ‘Remember That Time…’ I thought it would make a good series; a way to tell these small stories that take us back in the blink of an eye.

My mother always told me that I shouldn’t cut off my nose to spite my face. I’m guessing that this is one of those times I should have heeded her advice…

We ran out of the expat bar in Amman, Jordan and jumped into the first cab we could see. With the rain coming down like it hadn’t since Noah built his Ark we didn’t stop to first inquire about the price as we normally would.

The cab set off down the road and then I asked how much to our hotel on the other side of town.

He quoted some ridiculous fee that was twice what I was expecting.

I acted suitably outraged and said that there was no way that it should cost that amount.

He explained that he worked for the bar and this was the fee that he was required to charge. I looked over and realized that he was very well dressed for a local taxi driver but I still thought we were being taken.

I countered again with a fee half his asking price. He wouldn’t budge.

Believing that if you’re in, you’re all in I demanded that he pull the cab over immediately and let us out.

This will usually do the trick and the stalled negotiation can continue.

He pulled over, let us out, and drove away.

And there we stood in the pissing down rain, in the middle of the night, with no other cabs in sight.

As we walked passed where we had started to a taxi stand another 2 blocks down to hail a cab, we realized that we had indeed cut off our noses to spite our faces…over 50 cents.



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7 Responses to “Remember That Time…We Got Soaked Over 50 Cents?”

  1. Kim Says:

    Oh, but you had no idea it was only $0.50, right? Haha, it’s a funny story now.
    Kim recently posted..Advice For Traveling And Life

  2. Poi Says:

    haha This sounds like something Kirsty would do, she refuses to be ripped off no matter by how muc
    Poi recently posted..The Test Class Disaster Case

  3. Erica Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out the cab thing in Mexico. I would probably have done the same thing to be honest. :X
    Erica recently posted..Fitting In – Guadalajara- Mexico

  4. Ayngelina Says:

    Oh I have so been there before. Feeling foolish on the side of the road, in the rain.

    But now you can laugh about it.
    Ayngelina recently posted..Am I happier after a year of travel

  5. Dave and Deb Says:

    We have totally been in your shoes. It is amazing how quickly we start to think in the country’s currency that we are in and stop thinking in Canadian Dollars. We have had taxis drive away on us too thinking the exact same thing. If we tell them a flat no, they will give in. That’s when we realize that maybe their price wasn’t so bad. And Like you, it is always too late:-) Ah well, that is the fun part of travel.

  6. Angela Says:

    I too bargain quite a lot, but in China I’m learning when to stop :P
    Angela recently posted..A trip- a photo – Glendalough lake- Ireland

  7. Liv Says:

    It is SO great to revisit your travel moments (most of them) through memories that become great stories. I worry I will forget things, so often write them down and then enjoy them that way too!
    Liv recently posted..Queensland Roadtrip