River Cruising: Escape the Rush

20.July 2014

Our Journey

Travelling slow isn’t just for long term travellers. Even holidayers and vacationers can move slower than the 7 countries in 5 days pace of some packaged tours. It shouldn’t require holing up at a resort either, with the same view everyday. A holiday should be relaxing but moving about can seem like anything but that. A European adventure that combines moving at a slower pace while taking the headache of making decisions about everything everyday is needed. Relaxing river cruises are just the gap filler needed to move about with leisure.

Photo Credit: Ralph Grizzle

Beautiful scenery just out the window slips by at a pace that allows you catch sight of everything and still have time to blink. Nothing disappears suddenly from view like when the train plunges into yet another tunnel. There is no better side of the bus to find a seat. Open decks give a wide open view of everything around you. Whether you are cruising through the castle studded romantic Rhine in Germany or hunting down an elusive wine along the Danube in Austria, the view passes at a speed that says relaxation rather than adrenaline.

Photo Credit: roger4336

The ultimate in relaxation might be that your bed is travelling with you. Time for a nap, head to bed and keep moving at the same time. None of that seasickness risk of ocean cruising either. You are on a river, there aren’t any big waves coming to rock you out of you bunk. All the convenience of a moving hotel. If you feel the need to get out every once and awhile, you are not trapped on board. Plenty of stops along the way for sampling the local flavours and scramble over a castle or two.

Photo Credit: ngotoh

This isn’t meant to be an adventure cruise or an attempt to visit the largest number of castles in the shortest period of time. The river sets the pace and you just float along with it. Sit back relax, let some bring you a beverage, read a book and look up every once in awhile to gander at the scenery.

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