Road Trip Down Under

11.February 2015

Our Journey

The Germans have their fancy sedans and the autobahn. The Americans have classic muscle cars and the interstates immortalized in song like Route 66. The rest of the world seems to either complain about grid lock or hops on the back of scooter. Heading to Australia for a road trip is a good example of this. The cities complain about traffic and commutes. There isn’t any particular car that pops to mind when you say Australia, outside of the post-apocalyptic mashup vehicles in the Mad Max movies. No one can think of an iconic vehicle for heading out on the Great Ocean Road. There isn’t a song praising the beauty you see or the romance of the open road while heading from Perth to Darwin. Maybe that should change.

Photo Credit: Roger A Smith

Unlike South East Asia, Australia is not somewhere to grab a little 125cc scooter and head out for days at a time. You will need to pack some gear. Maybe a snack or two. Things like air conditioning can be your best friend in the summer. A roof might be a luxury for some but a necessity if you get caught by a tropical storm. It is time to be serious about your vehicle. No messing around with toys and pretty little things that need a constant buffing on the way to the market. Only something a little tougher will do for an Australian road trip. We are talking about sliding behind the wheel of a SUV. That ‘U’ that stands for Utility. You need a vehicle that will get you where you are heading and have room for the kids, snacks, the cooler, and maybe a beach toy or two.

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Not just any old SUV either. There is no need for some giant gas guzzling behemoth. Something stylish that doesn’t scream that you are covering up for inadequacies but still with the room and quality to take you along the open road. One of the urban toys isn’t it either. A solid SUV is what you need. Throw in a solid sound system for your favourite travel tunes. May be some back seat entertainment if you are packing little ones along. You could be setting a new trend for all Down Under road trippers to come. Germany and the US didn’t have icon road trip traditions 150 years ago. There is still time to write the great Australian road trip song. Something great grand children will use as inspiration for their adventures. Just make sure it includes a good hook around SUV.

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