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Monday Moment: Temple Offering, Bali

18. February 2013


Bali Temple

It’s the vermillion orange and the verdant green. The attempted restraint of the wild lushness. The elaborate carvings adorning doorways, altars, and temples. There is a gracefulness to Bali like nowhere I have ever been. An attention to detail, every detail, so precise that you’re not even aware of but that results in a quiet […]

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Monday Moment: Ubud Oasis

22. July 2012


Ubud Bungalows, Bali

I found Bali to be such a contrast sometimes. The island is stunningly beautiful; tropical rainforest and jungle serve up a menu of green not seen elsewhere, the heat becomes just about unbearable before a tropical storm moves in and breaks it throwing down an alarming amount of rain and leaving nothing but freshness behind, […]

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Monday Moment: Bali, Indonesia

5. March 2012

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Tirta Empul, Bali

Bali is infused with beauty and grace. Temples abound, rice paddies fill the valleys, and the volcano Mt Agung — acting as the spiritual center of the island — dominates the skyline. There is balance is everything the Balinese do. Offerings for the gods, and the demons. Taking care of the water, and the earth. […]

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Enchanted In Bali

26. April 2010



Bali is turning out to be everything I expected from a lush, tropical paradise. The weather is hot, there are periodical monsoon rainstorms, and beauty abounds everywhere I look. All around me is green. The terraced rice paddies in the country-side are a green so  vibrant and fresh that they exude hope for a successful […]

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