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Monday Moment: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

29. July 2012


Lake Miniques, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

It’s hot here in Calgary this week. I’m feeling like the dog days of summer have a firm hold on me. Looking through my pics I’m reminded of our trip to Lake Mineques near San Pedro de Atacama in Chile…also in July. It was NOT hot! We knew it would be chilly (no pun intended…okay, […]

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Monday Moment: Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina

30. April 2012

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santiago to mendoza-

This isn’t the craziest road we drove on. I think the road from Kathmandu to Pokhara in Nepal was crazier but I think that was because the vehicles were older and the drivers cared less (I’m afraid I have no pictures as I was terrified and clinging onto whatever I could find that was solid). […]

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6. August 2009



CHI-CHI-CHI!! LAY-LAY-LAY!!! Universidad de Chile!! Viva Chile!! 6700 strong, they chanted…the entire game!!  A small crowd, too be sure, but passionate none-the-less. Fair warning: I am not a soccer, errr…football fan. In fact, I don’t exactly know much about the game despite having played a little myself during high school. But, being in Latin America, […]

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Settling Into Santiago

3. August 2009



We settled nicely into Santiago, even getting ourselves an apartment. We knew we were going to be here for 4 or 5 days and heard that renting a short term apartment would be possible. It is more than possible and is somewhat economical too, considering we can cook meals (which, after 2 months of travel, […]

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Chilly in Chile

31. July 2009


San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

We knew that traveling south in South America would be cold…it’s winter here right now…but we hadn’t expected it to be this cold. San Pedro de Atacama is inland a bit  and, at 2500 meters, is the chilliest place we’ve visited yet. We got off the bus after dark and set about to look for […]

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