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The Iconic Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral

17. August 2014

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London View

It was our last week in London and we still hadn’t seen two of the city’s iconic sites so we hooked up with City Wonders for a guided tour of the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Here’s the thing; I’m usually loathe to hire a guide but lately we’ve been feeling as though we’re missing out [...]

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Eating Well in the East End of London

17. April 2014


Eating Well in the East End of London

You’ve all heard how bad the food is here in England. Soggy fish and chips, boiled vegetables, and grey meat with insipid gravy. You’d think the only saving grace here was the beer. Believe me the beer is THAT good but the food is also very good. We have not had a bad meal in [...]

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