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Monday Moment: Chai-Wallah, Jhunjhunu, India

24. June 2013

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Chai-wallah Stand, Jhunjhunu, India

While in northern India we hired a car and driver (that’s Laxman with his back to the camera) to take us from site to site, town to town. The first day of the drive he pulled into a tourist restaurant complex on the side of the highway for us to have some lunch. It was […]

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Monday Moment: Paharganj, New Dehli, India

29. April 2013


Paharganj, New Dehli, India

It’s no secret that we really struggled with our time in India. It’s a time that I still frequently think back on as I try to impart the lessons I learned then to my traveling life now. It comes up more often now, of course. We’re meeting new people all the time; hearing stories of their travels, […]

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Monday Moment: Rickshaw Traffic Jam

31. December 2012


Delhi Traffic

Tomorrow my friends Kim, Sarah, and Hannah set off on what-sounds-like one crazy, fun, amazing, bizarre, fun, outrageous, and unbelievable journey from Jasailmer in the north of India, to Cochin in the south. In a rickshaw!! They will have to find their own way, drive the rickshaw themselves, and repair it if (make that when) it […]

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Monday Moment: Chai-Wallah, Rajasthan, India

5. August 2012

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Chai-wallah, Rajasthan

This is one of my favorite photos from our entire trip. Pulling into the small, roadside stand I couldn’t believe that there would be a phone at all but our driver was adamant that there would be a phone we could use to contact our next hotel and that chai could be had while we […]

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Monday Moment: Veggi-Wallah in India

7. May 2012



I took this picture as we drove through a village in northern India. There was dust and grime and cows and people everywhere; his neatly stacked vegetable stand stood out.

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Monday Moment: Delhi, India

9. April 2012

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G In The Autorickshaw, Delhi

Usually in cities we like to either walk or take public transit to where we want to go. Niether was possible in Delhi. Walking anywhere was next to impossible with the pollution and crowds and dirt and smells…believe me we tried. With no public transit available we took to using autorickshaws to get everywhere. Yes, […]

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Monday Moment: Junagarh Fort, Bikaner, India

14. November 2011


With The Boys, Junagarh Fort, Bikaner

These boys followed us around Junagarh Fort in Bikaner, India relentlessly asking questions. ‘Where are you from?’ ‘How old are you?’ ‘Are you married?’ ‘Do you have children?’ ‘Do you like our country?’ Their parents were clearly embarrassed and exasperated but the boys just had to know. We finally agreed on a picture in exchange […]

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India: If She’s Been Calling You, You Should Go

28. December 2010



Has India been calling you? Her seductive voice reaching out and invading your imagination? The sounds of sitars and manjira filling your mind? The aromas of cardamom, ginger, cloves and turmeric tickling your nose? Then you should go. Have you been wondering if you can do it? You can. Everyone’s experience is different and many […]

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Leaving India: One Year Ago

14. December 2010



We left India a year ago today. We left in a state of deep despair; saddened that it wasn’t working out, wondering what it was going to mean for us, and fearful that it would mean the worst… that we were going to have to go home. For a long time I couldn’t talk about […]

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India Is Hard

18. November 2010


India Is Hard

We entered India one year ago today. It is a place that I had been looking forward to seeing for many, many years. I was nervous and apprehensive but, more-so, I was excited. Finally I would be able to see what this great, magical country had to offer. I learned, more than anything, that India […]

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Best! Decision! Ever!

19. December 2009



There wasn’t any one event that made us leave India early. There was no tragic event, no-one was unkind, we didn’t get robbed or ripped off, we didn’t even get really sick. Sure, in the end, we did both have bad colds that made it that much harder to deal with, but it wasn’t like […]

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