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Monday Moment: Poon Hill Trek, Nepal

11. March 2013


Goats, Poon Hill Trek

Relaxing after lunch one day during our Poon Hill trek in Nepal. We could hear the bells and bleating long before they crested the stairway. The littlest, cutest one made a beeline for our table. Adorable!

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Monday Moment: Sari Salesman, Kathmandu, Nepal

12. November 2012

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Kathmandu, Nepal

Wandering the streets of Kathmandu my head swivelled constantly as I peered into shops, studios and restaurants. It was sensory overload. I happened to look in this sari shop just as the shopkeeper was unfurling this beautiful turquoise sari for the ladies. Looking at all of all the material at their feet, and the looks [...]

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Monday Moment: Chicken Man, Poon Hill Trek, Nepal

24. June 2012


Chicken Man, Poon Hill Trek

You know, I never really thought about it, but there isn’t much in the way of refrigeration in the Himalayas. Chickens can’t breed at this altitude so they are brought in from below. We caught up to this guy about three days into the Poon Hill trek in Nepal.  He didn’t smell so great but then, [...]

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Monday Moment: Kathmandu, Nepal

23. January 2012

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Prayer Wheels, Kathmandu

Our first days in Kathmandu showed it to be a noisy, messy, chaotic city that jangled all of our senses all at once. I had expected the religious observance here to be a calm, quiet, and peaceful adherence as I understood Buddhism to be, but instead found that Nepalese practice a mix of Hinduism and [...]

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Trek To Poon Hill

20. November 2009



I have to be honest. My account of this trek is rather lackluster because, well…my experience was rather lackluster. I think it suffered from expectations – my expectations were very high and I was unable to get over it when the experience did not live up to what I thought it would be.  Sometimes I [...]

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Serene Mountain Top Retreat

15. November 2009

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Lonely Planet says that it would be a shame to travel directly to Pokhara from Kathmandu without making a stop along the way to enjoy the mountain views, and so we decided to break our journey and spend a night at Manakamana expecting  to enjoy a serene  mountain top retreat. Ummmm…..not so much. Unlike years [...]

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Crazy Hazy Kathmandu

13. November 2009



My face was glued to the window all the way from the airport. We had finally arrived on the sub-continent and I was eager to see all the craziness. Kathmandu did not disappoint. The traffic was as crazy as I expected – our hotel owner later told us that there are no traffic rules in [...]

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