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Serene Mountain Top Retreat

15. November 2009

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Lonely Planet says that it would be a shame to travel directly to Pokhara from Kathmandu without making a stop along the way to enjoy the mountain views, and so we decided to break our journey and spend a night at Manakamana expecting  to enjoy a serene  mountain top retreat. Ummmm…..not so much. Unlike years […]

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Crazy Hazy Kathmandu

13. November 2009



My face was glued to the window all the way from the airport. We had finally arrived on the sub-continent and I was eager to see all the craziness. Kathmandu did not disappoint. The traffic was as crazy as I expected – our hotel owner later told us that there are no traffic rules in […]

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9. November 2009



Across the aisle from me the man reads from a small, bound, version of the Koran. His lips move and he visibly relaxes as the recital proceeds. Throughout, he performs modified versions of the motions of his prayer. I reach for my gin and take a slug. Same effect…we are now both calmer…different method. As […]

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The Desert, The Red, And The Dead

6. November 2009



I love wide open spaces. It was on a cross country drive a number of years ago that I realized how much I love wide open spaces. The Canadian prairies are, for some, monotonous and boring but I loved the days of driving over rolling hills through wheat fields and grassland because I could see […]

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The Rose Red City

2. November 2009



This post is hard to write…because I am speechless. Petra is absolutely, breathtakingly, stunning. It is beyond words. The natural scenery is beautiful and indescribable…and then the carving on top of it all…amazing!! The approach to the famed Treasury building has got to be one of the best reveals on the planet. First we walk […]

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All Cleaned Up

28. October 2009



One quintessential Turkish thing to do is to visit a hamam or Turkish bath. Our hostel recommended one near the Blue Mosque but, after visiting it, we decided it was too expensive and touristy so we set about finding one that was more ‘original’. In the end, we paid the same price as at the […]

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Magic Carpet Ride

24. October 2009



We’re led to the shop by the owner of the hotel we’re staying at. He’s offered us a ride to the ruins outside of town and we can just wait here until the shuttle arrives. Uh-oh, we think. Inside, Yilmaz (Marco to his friends…of which I now count myself as one) welcomes us warmly, offers […]

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Sun, Surf, and Sand

19. October 2009



When I first imagined travelling around the world for a year, I imagined lounging around, reading trashy novels, having fabulous conversations, sunning, drinking and generally relaxing. The reality of long term travel has not  been that…until this week. This week we hit the southern coast of Turkey…where land meets Mediterranean…and the sun, surf and sand […]

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ScooterBoy and ScooterGirl Ride Again!

14. October 2009



Riding down the road with the sun on our backs, a map in our pocket and the wind in our faces…can’t be beat!! ScooterBoy and ScooterGirl first came on the scene in 2004 when we visited the Greek Islands. There was no more perfect joy than scoot-scoot-scootering up and down whichever island we found ourselves […]

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Fairy Chimneys And Elf Doors

10. October 2009



They rise up all around, some with simple conical tops, others with rocks seemingly balanced on top, and still others with a phallic appearance that is disconcerting in such a conservative country. Almost all of the  Fairy Chimneys have an ‘elf door’ or windows carved into them making it seem as though we’ve landed in […]

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Flexibility Takes Us To Northern Turkey

30. September 2009



We’re sitting high on a hill on the Sinop peninsula that juts out into the Black Sea. It’s midday and the call to prayer floats up from the town below. I’m getting used to hearing it now but it still sounds ancient and haunting…even more so as I gaze out over the hillsides and villages […]

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