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Remember That Time…I Colored My Hair In Vietnam?

31. August 2010



Now that we’ve returned home and have settled back into our routine lives again we find it funny how our travel stories keep coming up. Invariably one of us will look at the other and say ‘Remember That Time…’ I thought it would make a good series; a way to tell these small stories that […]

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Enchanted In Bali

26. April 2010



Bali is turning out to be everything I expected from a lush, tropical paradise. The weather is hot, there are periodical monsoon rainstorms, and beauty abounds everywhere I look. All around me is green. The terraced rice paddies in the country-side are a green so  vibrant and fresh that they exude hope for a successful […]

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Scooter Mania

20. April 2010



There is a dull roar that hangs over Vietnam. From north to south, in the highlands and in the delta, in small towns and especially in big cities the inescapable sound of a million scooters fills the air. Scooters are everywhere. People don’t walk anywhere, they just jump on their scooter and ride to where […]

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The American War

13. April 2010



It’s been a while, but when I was younger I had a somewhat re-occurring dream. I grew up in the 80’s during the time of the so-called ‘cold war’ but must have been influenced by war accounts from the second world war. I had an impending sense of doom but it was, strangely, coupled with […]

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Halong Bay

28. March 2010



I’d been looking forward to seeing Halong Bay since we left home. Visions of limestone islands rising up out of the sea seemed, to me, to be one of the quintessential Asian scenes… vibrant green rice paddies, women wearing conical hats, and wrinkled old men being some of the others. We had been warned that […]

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Hidden Hanoi

19. March 2010



Today we took a walking tour of ‘Hidden Hanoi’ and learned how the history, culture and architecture combine to make the Old Quarter of Hanoi so vibrant, mysterious and interesting. The tour started in a hidden cafe…behind a shop, down a lane, through another shop, up the stairs, and up the spiral stairway to a […]

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Same Same…But Different

14. March 2010



I don’t know why but, for some reason, when I cross a border I somehow expect everything to change dramatically right away. Shouldn’t the landscape, the people and maybe even the weather be different? I mean we’re in a different country for crying out  loud! I guess it’s because, previously, when I’ve crossed into a […]

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Like Kids In A Candy Store

23. February 2010



It’s no surprise that we have been loving Thailand. We’ve been here more than two months now and seem in no rush to leave. The travel is easy, the people are friendly, the food is amazing and the beer is cold and cheap! It is also the first country where our budget and travel style […]

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The Cave Lodge

17. February 2010



Oftentimes, while traveling, we have met people who are doing extraordinary things. Some are traveling by motorbike only, some travel and volunteer extensively, many have relocated permanently and others have been on the road for much longer than ourselves. But the Cave Lodge, and it’s story, struck me as truly being extraordinary. We heard about […]

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Exploding Backpacks

11. February 2010



I don’t know how it happens. I don’t know how it all gets all over everywhere so darn quickly and I have no idea how we ever get it all back in. I’m talking about our backpacks. Inevitably we arrive at some cute (or not-so-cute) guesthouse, put  down our packs, open up the zipper and…BAM…seemingly […]

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Criss-Crossing Thailand

5. February 2010



After spending so much time firmly on the tourist trail in southern Thailand and Bangkok, we decided to get off the beaten track a bit and so criss-crossed the country on our way up north. Khao Yai National Park, just northeast of Bangkok, turned out to be a bust for elephants but was a great […]

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