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Inti Raymi: Festival of the Sun God

29. June 2009


Inti Raymi Festival, Cusco, Peru

Inti Raymi is celebrated near the winter solstice on June 24th every year. It is an Incan ceremony that is performed in the native Quechuan language rather than Spanish. We arrived in Cusco 2 days prior to the actual ceremony and the city square was already abuzz with people and bands and general merriment being […]

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Getting High in Cusco

26. June 2009


Cusco Flag, Cusco, Peru

The plan was to take our time getting to Cusco from Lima. We were going to spend a few days, stopping along the way at Nasca and Arequipa to split up the journey. Then we learned that the Inti Raymi festival was happening in Cusco on June 24th so we thought we would head straight […]

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Lima, Peru

23. June 2009


Parque de Reserva, Lima, Peru

We had heard plenty about Lima, Peru before arriving, most of it negative. People told us that it was dirty, and big, and dangerous and menacing – that we should spend as little time as possible there. We ended up staying 5 and a half days…and we quite liked it. Sure it’s big (>10 million!) […]

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Riding My Way Through It

18. June 2009


Mt. Tzouhalem Mountain Biking

I have a confession to make. I hate flying. Yep…I, know…around the world…gonna have to fly. The idea of this trip was to do something unusual. To experience new cultures, hear new languages, see new things…step out out of our comfort zone. ‘One Giant Step’ refers to that leap of faith required to step out […]

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