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Monday Moment: Turkish Hammam

27. May 2013

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Turkish Hammam

1481. That’s more than 500 years ago! The sense of time and history in Turkey was often lost on me as I tried to imagine what the world, and life, must have been like when this hammam was constructed oh-so-long-ago. I wanted to experience a piece of that tradition and history while in Istanbul and […]

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Monday Moment: Bus Stop In Northern Turkey

15. April 2013


Northern Turkey

We were outside of the tourist bus routes while traveling in Northern Turkey so hopped on the commuter buses that run from town to town. Not only do these buses travel slower (and skip the mandatory tourist rest stops along the way) but they allowed us to see parts of the country we might not […]

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Monday Moment: Sinop, Turkey

4. February 2013


Sinop, Turkey

Sinop, in northern Turkey, was a pleasant surprise. The fresh, salty air was a nice reminder that we were back on the coast and the ability to enjoy a pint in one of the seaside bars made it clear that we weren’t in the heart of conservative Turkey any longer. We followed the ancient wall […]

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Monday Moment: Sidestreet Market, Istanbul, Turkey

11. June 2012


Istanbul Market

This is one of my favorite photos. A small side walk cafe. A single merchant market. People just making their way. It’s perfect; reminding me of home and yet also uniquely exotic.

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Monday Moment: Fishing From The Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

27. February 2012


Fishing At Sunset

The Galata Bridge in the heart of Istanbul is a gathering place for both locals and tourists. Locals set themselves up for hours at a time fishing off the upper deck or tucking themselves away in the lower decks cafes and restaurants. Tourists stop off at the boats selling fish sandwiches on one side and stroll […]

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Monday Moment: Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

16. January 2012

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Aya Sophia, Istanbul-1

I have never felt so close to religion as when in Turkey. The call to prayer wafts over the landscape on a strict schedule in tune with the sun; five times a day the melodic urging beckons the faithful to pray. There is a quiet adherence to centuries old tradition as markets and tea shops […]

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Monday Moment: Cappadocia, Turkey

10. October 2011


Early Morning Balloons

It’s Thanksgiving today in Canada so I thought I would share a picture of where we were on Thanksgiving during our RTW trip. Traveling around  in Cappadocia Turkey is like traveling in a different world. The ‘fairy chimney’ geology creates a surreal scenery that is unlike any I have seen before. The underground cities and […]

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All Cleaned Up

28. October 2009



One quintessential Turkish thing to do is to visit a hamam or Turkish bath. Our hostel recommended one near the Blue Mosque but, after visiting it, we decided it was too expensive and touristy so we set about finding one that was more ‘original’. In the end, we paid the same price as at the […]

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Magic Carpet Ride

24. October 2009



We’re led to the shop by the owner of the hotel we’re staying at. He’s offered us a ride to the ruins outside of town and we can just wait here until the shuttle arrives. Uh-oh, we think. Inside, Yilmaz (Marco to his friends…of which I now count myself as one) welcomes us warmly, offers […]

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Sun, Surf, and Sand

19. October 2009



When I first imagined travelling around the world for a year, I imagined lounging around, reading trashy novels, having fabulous conversations, sunning, drinking and generally relaxing. The reality of long term travel has not  been that…until this week. This week we hit the southern coast of Turkey…where land meets Mediterranean…and the sun, surf and sand […]

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ScooterBoy and ScooterGirl Ride Again!

14. October 2009



Riding down the road with the sun on our backs, a map in our pocket and the wind in our faces…can’t be beat!! ScooterBoy and ScooterGirl first came on the scene in 2004 when we visited the Greek Islands. There was no more perfect joy than scoot-scoot-scootering up and down whichever island we found ourselves […]

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