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Japan Itinerary

23. May 2009



Japan is the last place to visit in our current itinerary. I say current itinerary because, although we have a plan as to where we want to go, the itinerary is certainly subject to change. A plan is only necessary to know what we are deviating from should we change our mind.  Japan is expensive. […]

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Indonesia Itinerary

9. May 2009



Indonesia is a country of 17,000 islands! Of which we plan on visiting 5…maybe. Bali is the main reason for visiting Indonesia. A small island that, although it has grown in popularity, is still laid back and relaxed. There is Kuta in the south leading to the Bukit Peninsula which houses the luxurious tourist resorts […]

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Vietnam Itinerary

25. April 2009



It’s getting harder and harder to develop itineraries. It’s hard to think of being in Vietnam one year from now when we’ll be in Peru in 5 weeks! And so our plan is pretty loose. We’ll spend about three weeks here but will have to keep on the move as we plan on seeing the country […]

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Laos Itinerary

4. April 2009



Of all the countries we’re planning on visiting, I think Laos is the most ‘off the beaten track’. Having only been open to tourism for 20 years, it’s not a huge tourist destination but those that have been seem to fall in love with it, and the people.  We’ll start by crossing from Northern Thailand […]

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Thailand Itinerary

21. March 2009



We come into Thailand after India. As I’m unsure of how I will feel about India, I’ve designed the Thailand itinerary to allow for some decompression which is, I’m told, what Thailand is all about. We plan for 5-6 weeks here so there is plenty of time to settle in and to move around. We’ll […]

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India (and Nepal) Itinerary

7. March 2009



India is a place that has facinated me for many years. I am, at the same time, excited to finally be going, and terrified of what it holds and how I will react. Ten weeks is not very long to spend – we have friends that spent 6 months in India alone! So we have […]

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Turkey Itinerary

31. January 2009



Our plan is to start our holiday in Turkey toward the end of September and stay until the end of October – should be almost 6 weeks. One of our goals is to not be in any one place during the ‘busy’ season, and I think Turkey in October meets that goal (hee hee…’Turkey in October’ […]

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Germany Itinerary

10. January 2009



With only 3 weeks to spend in Germany, we will have to be selective in what we see in order to travel at a relaxed pace, see some urban and country sights, and to include some family visiting in too. Although we haven’t firmed up plans with family connections yet our hope is that our, […]

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South America Itinerary

18. October 2008



As South America is our first stop, it has been easier to develop an itinerary for.  Being there next summer makes it within reach and, therefore, easier to imagine a plan for. Now for the caveat…although we have an itinerary, and a general sense of where we might be when, we are also open to […]

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Where Will We Go…Building The Itinerary

4. October 2008


Where Will We Go?

Well, that’s the big question isn’t it? Where will we go? The world is a big space and, even given a year to travel, we can’t see it all. As much as traveling the world is supposed to be a serendipitous adventure, for us, there still must be a rough itinerary that blocks out where […]

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