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Managing Your Money: On The Road

24. November 2010



So you’ve saved and saved and saved, put away your refund determined by a tax estimator, and now it’s finally time to hit the road. How are you going to manage that wad of cash while you’re away? The more thought and planning that you put into this before you leave, the easier it will all go […]

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Managing Your Money: Before You Leave

2. November 2010



I know it’s dry, and terribly boring, but if you don’t pay attention to your money before you leave you may end up worrying about it more than you need to while you’re away. Save…Save…Save! I know this sounds like a no-brainer…and it is…the more money you can put away the better off you will […]

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And Then There Were Three…

6. June 2009



Meet Roland. He heard that we were about to embark on a journey around the world and contacted us to ask if he could join us. He comes with great credentials, having traveled much of the world already. Iceland, India, Malaysia, Norway, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, and Jordan just to name a few. In […]

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Ok, Can We Just Go Now?

2. May 2009



I’m done. I’m ready already. I’m prepared. I’m excited. I’m anxious. We have been planning for the better part of a year now and I think we have it all covered. I have lists, and lists of lists. I’ve ticked off almost every item on every list – not bad considering I am usually a […]

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You’re Crazy…No YOU’RE Crazy…Get Out Of My Head!!

18. April 2009



Note to self…never test the psychotic side effects of medication and try hypnosis at the same time. This week, in an attempt to keep our malaria medication costs down, we have been trying a ‘loading dose’ of Mefloquin to see if we would suffer the psychotic side effects. Side effects include (but are not limited […]

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Bursting At The Seams

10. April 2009


Bursting At The Seams

We put our packing list together last weekend. We’ve decided on and purchased our backpacks so it was time to decide what to put in them. We’ve been thinking about the packing list almost since we decided to go on a year long jaunt around the world. As soon as we decided to sell or store […]

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles…and TukTuks…and Motorbikes…and Camels…

28. March 2009



Besides food and accomodation, the other element of our trip that will see plenty of variety is modes of transportation. Moving from place to place, and getting around each place we’ll be visiting will be a huge part of our trip. I can only imagine all the types of vehicles we will encounter while traveling […]

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Every Experience is Perfect

14. March 2009



While researching for this trip, one of the big pitfalls I’ve been careful to avoid is getting caught up in expectations. Long ago I had trouble truly enjoying travel because I was always trying to find the ‘perfect experience’ or the ‘best spot’ that I had read or dreamed about. I couldn’t really get lost […]

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Our Whole World On Our Backs

28. February 2009



J and I bought our packs this weekend. A ‘100 Day Present’ of sorts. We’ve discovered, as we plan on carrying everything we own on our backs for the next year, that there is much to think about when considering the pack to carry it all in. Size is one consideration. At first I wanted […]

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100 Days!!

21. February 2009


100 Days!!

  Today is 100 days until we leave…I am beyond excited. It just seems like an auspicious number. In the States they track the first 100 days of a presidency, in Korea they celebrate the first 100 days of a persons’ life so it seems natural to mark the 100 days until we leave. I […]

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Nostalgic Already?

14. February 2009



We moved last weekend and, more than once, I found myself feeling nostalgic.  Not for the condo – I don’t seem to be sad to see it go – but for Victoria. Even though we’ll still be here for 3 months and 15 days, I was already missing it.  I think it was partly the […]

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