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It’s Nail-biting Time…

11. October 2008



Okay, I’m scared.   Our place has been on the market for coming on three months, and not a nibble to be had. At first I thought our price was too high, so we dropped it.  And then we dropped it again. Then I thought that buyers were just waiting it out, seeing what our […]

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Stepping Out…Making the Decision

13. September 2008


Stepping Out

How did we manage a decision as big as this? Like most decisions, it is an evolution of thoughts and ideas that converged into the end result. As I said here, Jason and I have talked on and off about moving away somewhere.  New Year’s Eve this past year saw me making the first New […]

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Puppets Lie

1. September 2008



Jason says I have a puppet infestation.  

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Tipping Our Hand

12. August 2008



We haven’t been honest with you.  You’ve been asking what we’ve been up to, or what we have planned, or how’s the job going…and we haven’t been honest. In reality, we’ve been up to quite a bit, we have some huge plans, and the jobs…well, we’ll have to see. You see, we’re planning on doing […]

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