Sometimes I Just Need A Vacation

30.August 2013

Our Journey

Long term, slow travel for us, isn’t just about the travel. It is a lifestyle change where we have redefined what working looks like for ourselves. We have ended our relationship with corporate office jobs but that doesn’t mean we don’t work. We work while we travel. We work in some fabulous locations but we aren’t following a tourist schedule of site seeing and parties. Just like people who have location-dependent lives, we buy groceries, do laundry and spend hours staring at our computers. Also, just like everyone else, sometimes we need to take a break from the work part. The big bonus is that we are far more flexible with our time and we can think about getting late deals for a holiday whenever the budget allows.

Photo Credit: slworking2

Things are different when the starting point is somewhere others may consider for their holiday but the principle is the same. Find a cheap flight and a nice hotel with a beach is right on the money. We do cheat on the disconnection part. Most people want to be away from the boss on their vacation. We are our own bosses so there isn’t any escaping it. Passively monitoring the online world is different than actively planning to work. Those pictures of us relaxing don’t post themselves to Facebook. I’m sure the whole internet house of cards will collapse if someone doesn’t check in on Tumblr at least once a day.

Photo Credit: Mrs Harkleroad

We enjoy our work and some of the projects that we take on do make us excited so the break may be necessary but we are ready to go when we get back. This is the best part, the recharge, refreshed feeling and being excited to dive back into working. The holiday is long enough and we enjoy what we are doing. It never hurts that we can take advantage of last minute deals either because our piggy bank is happier with a deal just as much as anyone else. Cheaper holiday equals less work and more time away, sounds like a good long term plan too me.

Photo Credit: Philip Taylor PT

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