South Pacific Getaway

02.September 2013

Our Journey

One of the things that I have learned from travelling more is to take advantage of a layover when flying long distance. Many parts of the world are still too far from each other to reach in a single flight. It is better than the early days of air travel when remote coastal or middle of nowhere island airports were required for one last refuelling before crossing an ocean. Those mid-route stops can be great destinations on their own and are a great way to break up the long, jet lag inducing, hemisphere crossing flights. The best region to take advantage of a stopover is the South Pacific and Fiji in particular when crossing between North America and Australia or New Zealand. The stopover is a perfect chance to spoil yourself a little by looking at Fiji holiday packages. Not every visit needs to be an attempt to drop into the local culture for several months.

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A tropical island and renown for the soft coral reefs, Fiji is a great place to kick back for a relaxing holiday. In general, that is the best way to view one of these layover breaks. You may not have come here as a destination on its own but since you are passing through take advantage of all the best it has to offer. Make this a chance to recharge in the middle of long haul, accept that island time may move somewhat slower than life on either end of the trip. Embrace the opportunity to move slower yourself. You will get run over if you try that in Sydney or Los Angeles so take the chance while you can.

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Sure, if you do get the urge to do more than just saunter from fresh fruit breakfast to seafood feast, there are things to do. I would saunter on the beach and dip my toes in the ocean. Many others would be happier diving beneath the waves and explore the reef critters where they live instead on my dinner plate. There are even some adventurous folks that would want to hire a mountain bike for exploring. I like mountain biking more than most but sometimes that seems to interfere with my afternoon hammock nap and I do fancy a hammock nap. Best if I am awaken by a gentle ocean breeze and a smooth cocktail. That just might me sliding into a tropical island daydream again.

Photo Credit: Katherine H

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