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In Transition

12. June 2015


Nomadtopia Interview

To say I’ve been struggling with writing about returning home would be an understatement evidenced by the complete radio silence here and on Facebook. Since coming home I had the chance to be on the podcast to talk about the reality of our nomadic lifestyle, our decision to come home, and how it’s all settling in […]

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Running Out Of Runway

22. March 2015


Running Out Of Runway

Here’s the thing. When you step up, step out, and try, you never really know how it’s going to turn out. Truth is, we’ve been struggling for a while. We’re not making enough money, our ideas continue to fall flat, and the long term outlook doesn’t suggest that continuing to push through is the answer. […]

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How to Travel and Save For The Next Trip Simultaneously?

20. March 2015

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How to Travel and Save For The Next Trip Simultaneously_6

Anyone who travels quite frequently will tell you one of the worst parts is trying to save up cash for the next big trip that you’re planning, especially when you’re already off on another escapade to exotic shores. To make things a lot easier, we’ve came up with a couple of things you can try […]

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A Yoga Convert

16. March 2015


Dynamic Retreats

Just like dating, it all comes down to time and place. You can date the biggest a$$hole for months on end because you have nothing better to do, and you can let a gem go by because it just wasn’t the right time. That’s how it’s been with yoga and I. We’ve dated on and […]

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El Coco Loco Resort, Nicaragua

7. March 2015


El Coco Loco Resort, Nicaragua

It’s the story of a place that often holds the most appeal. Much like my infatuation with the Cave Lodge in Northern Thailand, El Coco Loco drew me in with their story of friendship and commitment to a vision. As three Canadian college boys, Jamie, Earl, and Ben travelled together experiencing the world and dreaming […]

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Nothing To See Here

26. February 2015

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Comfortable Office

Travel blogs usually focus on the happy or crazy adventures. Sometimes there might be social media gloating with fabulous beach picture while the folks back home shovel snow. Let’s face it, people don’t want to read tedious stories without some form of entertainment. Even the disaster stories can grip an audience because we all have […]

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Classics Attractions Are Classic For A Reason

22. February 2015

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Paris. Sounds almost like a travel writing cliche. A city with iconic sites, a long history of intellectuals, excess and revolutions. Starving artists and dreamers drawn to the inspiration of a muse. Culinary traditions that define the height of food for a large portion of the world. The very definition of cosmopolitan and yet still […]

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Exotic May Be Just A Spin Around The Block

11. February 2015

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Exotic Destination

Reading travel blogs is an escape or chance to daydream for many people. Exotic locations, sun or snow chasing as a lifestyle, or the chance to laugh at other people’s misadventures without having to be uncomfortable. Writing them is much the same. The regular days don’t find there way into the narrative. Uneventful trips to […]

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Road Trip Down Under

11. February 2015

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Rock Star

The Germans have their fancy sedans and the autobahn. The Americans have classic muscle cars and the interstates immortalized in song like Route 66. The rest of the world seems to either complain about grid lock or hops on the back of scooter. Heading to Australia for a road trip is a good example of […]

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Six Degrees of Bundjalung

28. January 2015

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Have you heard about the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Oh my gosh, my friends and I used to waste countless hours of study time when we were in school trying to come up with the fastest connection between random celebrities and Kevin Bacon. Too. Much. Fun. No? Ok, how about the Six Degrees of […]

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Checking Out The Neighbourhood – Costa Rica

27. January 2015

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Costa Rica Nature

Now that we are settling in Granada, Nicaragua for the foreseeable future, it is time to start thinking about the neighbourhood. Just because we are settled in doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to see other places in Central America. This isn’t like declaring boyfriend-girlfriend exclusivity. Our relationship with Granada is more open than that. Besides […]

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