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Exploring Boston’s Harbour

29. April 2014

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We’ve all heard the old story about tea and the Boston Harbour. This city’s port was certainly an important asset back in colonial days — and the perfect place to get attention if you wanted to make a statement. Now, its political visibility across the Atlantic may have lessened, but there are still plenty of […]

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Caravans- The Flexible Solution to Family Holidays?

28. April 2014

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The term ‘stay-cation’ is one that has been bandied around considerably in recent years and it is easy to see why as more and more families decide against the expensive week or two weeks abroad every summer and instead plump for a holiday right here in the UK. With the cost of holidays abroad rising […]

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Happy Holidays and Travel Joy

26. April 2014

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Beach and Pool

We may be long term travellers and serial expats but that doesn’t mean we think everyone should be. I am the first to realize we are all motivated by different things in our lives. Those different priorities are what makes it interesting to meet and talk to different people. Otherwise we would all be the […]

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Peru – Land of Wonder and Living Culture

22. April 2014

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Peru – Land of Wonder and Living Culture

It’s a land with a living past; an ancient culture and civilization that is still embedded within the day to day life of this ancient country. Standing among the Incan ruins I try to imagine what life must have been like. Building these great structures without our modern machinery must have been an impressive feat […]

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Have Bike, Will Travel

18. April 2014

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  Spring is the ideal time for exploring the English countryside on two wheels, and whether you are planning a touring holiday or a stay in a self-catering cottage, a bike gives you the chance to go off-road and enjoy all that the season has to offer. With the growing enthusiasm for cycling as a […]

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Square Peg – Round Holes

18. April 2014

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People that travel like to say how we are all the same, it doesn’t matter where we are from, we all want the same things. I’ve even said it a more than a few times. While the people are all the same, not everything is the same. There are a few obvious ones like money, […]

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Eating Well in the East End of London

17. April 2014


Eating Well in the East End of London

You’ve all heard how bad the food is here in England. Soggy fish and chips, boiled vegetables, and grey meat with insipid gravy. You’d think the only saving grace here was the beer. Believe me the beer is THAT good but the food is also very good. We have not had a bad meal in […]

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Street Art in Berlin

16. April 2014

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Photo Credit: Steffi Reichert The German capital of Berlin is a wonderful place to admire and explore some of the world’s best street art. A visit offers a really interesting opportunity to discover the city as Berlin is the capital of street art and flights tend to be fairly reasonable. You can compare accommodation rates […]

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[VIDEO] Un-Packing The Bikes

14. April 2014


[VIDEO] Un-Packing The Bikes

One of my goals for this trip is to do some more video, which won’t be hard because I’ve hardly done any at all! What’s hard is actually doing it. I can’t tell you how long it took me to put this first, pathetic, creation together. I thank you if you manage to get through […]

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6 Steps to Shipping a Bike

7. April 2014


Shipping a bike.

After spending the winter getting all our cycle gear together we had to figure out a way to get the bikes to our starting point in London, England. There are basically two methods of shipping a bike; breaking it down and boxing it up, or sliding it into a bag. After researching both methods, and […]

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The Virgin Islands: Your Catamaran Destination

3. April 2014

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Cruise the Caribbean in a Catamaran? Why not! The Virgin Islands are an ideal destination for chartered sailing yachts. Together, the U.S. and British Virgin Islands offer the complete escapist package, and a chartered Catamaran couldn’t make things any simpler. Let your able captain and willing crew guide you through the best vacation you’ve ever […]

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