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Where Will We Stay While Cycle Touring Europe?

10. March 2014


Cycle Touring Accommodation

You’ll notice that there was no camping gear in the equipment list that I published last week. You see, Jason doesn’t camp. Well apart from that time that I convinced him to hike the Tetons with me a couple of years ago and, of course, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu but, generally, the thought […]

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7 Essential Pieces of Cycle Touring Equipment

24. February 2014


Essential Equipment for Cycle Touring

While we’re obviously not cycle touring experts….yet…even we know that there is just some cycle touring equipment that you can’t tour without. There is a whole lot of geekdom surrounding bike gear and you can spend hours searching through the should’s and shouldn’ts of bike gear. We’ve taken a much more relaxed approach; I think […]

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Top 5 of Antwerp

21. February 2014

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Photo Credit: Filip Coutois Onze-Leive-Vrouwekatheraal (Antwerp Cathedral) This cathedral boasts to be the largest and most beautiful cathedral in the Low Countries of Europe. It look over 170 years to build and was built for the wealthy guilds. It suffered fire damage in both the 16th and 18th centuries, but yet it still houses a […]

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Australia for Holidays

19. February 2014

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Cuddly Australian

Are you starting to think about your 2014 travel plans? I certainly am. The big one is our cycle tour of Europe this summer that has me super excited. After this winter I expect everyone is looking for somewhere warm to recharge. If it is your first time or you just like the comfort of […]

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The Un-Planning Guide to Cycle Touring Europe

10. February 2014


Cycle Touring

My last post about trip planning for our upcoming cycle tour of Europe was all about the work we had to do in order to be ready to hit the road again. You might think that we have been feverishly poring over cycling resources, mapping out our route, and planning how the heck we’re going […]

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Art Memories

6. February 2014

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Memories are the biggest gift from any type of travel. Memories of the best tequila party ever. Memories of the most stunning sunrise balloon ride. Memories of the first time to try oysters fresh from the ocean. Usually these moments are captured in photos and shared on line almost immediately. Artist Credit: Kirill Cron Some memories […]

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Travelling in Style

6. February 2014

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Luxury For Hire

Travelling solo or as a couple makes taking local transportation easy and budget friendly. Travelling as a family or as part of a tour group things start to get tricky. One or two extra people on the bus will usually work in most of the world where assigned seats are a pure fantasy. It doesn’t […]

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Tricking Out The Ride

5. February 2014

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Art Car

Epic adventures require personalization. Travellers of all types like to decorate their bags with patches and flags or a little something from home. Sometimes it is just a piece of coloured yarn on the nondescript black suitcase to make it easier to find on the luggage carrousel at the airport. Other times, the bag becomes […]

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6 Days Out With The Kids

3. February 2014

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Lion on the Tree

Even in the winter, you can have a great time outdoors with your family. If you’re stuck for ideas and hoping for some inspiration, we have a few suggestions for you to muse over. Depending on what your family enjoys, here’s an assortment of UK-based days out. Dickens World  Who doesn’t love Charles Dickens? Around […]

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Cuban Sand

31. January 2014

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Am I the only one who welcomes the end of January like a day pass from prison? My time stuck with winter isn’t over but at least there seems to be glimmer of hope with a noticeable increase in day light. I’m still no fan of February. Dreaming of sinking my toes into some warm […]

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Two Weeks in Melbourne

21. January 2014

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Photo Credit: glennnnn Melbourne is one of Australia’s most popular cities and it’s perfect for a two-week holiday, whether you’re arriving from overseas or planning on a domestic staycation. Not only is the city the country’s cultural centre, the immediate surroundings provide countless opportunities for day-trips. When you arrive, if you haven’t driven in from […]

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