Strasbourg History Makes It An Interesting Place To Visit

30.October 2013

Our Journey


Strasbourg, a city that has been hotly contested over by the Germans and the French for centuries. This constant switching back and forth has left the city being completely unique from any other in both Germany and France. A combined culture has been instilled into the people that live there and it is fascinating for anyone taking a holiday in Strasbourg. Strasbourg has also won a HolidayCheck Destination Award 2013 which further proves it is an amazing place to visit.

The Old Town

The city itself has so much history that with every step you can learn something new. The old town is particularly interesting with all its old historic buildings that you can really lose yourself amongst the medieval architecture. In fact the Cathedral was the world’s tallest building from the periods between 1647 to 1874 standing at 142 meters, still do this day it dominates the Strasbourg skyline. The bridges in the old town have been part of the UNESCO world heritage site since 1988 and was the first time such an honour was placed on an entire city centre. Walking around the city you can hear many different languages but the official language of the city is French, however particularly around the cathedral and old parts of the town there is a lot of German spoken. Due to the large size of the university the city is full of students and that makes for an amazing atmosphere with lots of different cultures brought to one place.

In terms of getting around Strasbourg is a very well connected city, there are fast running trains to other major European cities such as Paris, Zurich and Frankfurt. Strasbourg international airport is served primarily by Air France and you can get some fairly cheap flights both international and domestic. The best way to get around the city us in fact by bicycle, the city is perfect for it because the city centre is so flat and there are many bicycle lanes and paths, not to mention the fact that there are plenty of places to rent from.

Strasbourg is not affected by tourism seasons like a beach resort would be, there are many attractions that keep people coming all year round. Strasbourg in both summer and winter  finds the city as a completely different place both times. During the winter Strasbourg has an amazing Christmas market, with lots of different stalls and different local delicacies to try such as the Christmas cookies called Brädeles. During the summer months the city really embraces the weather with everybody lounging in the parks on sunny days and having coffees and drinks in the streets. Strasbourg is an amazing city to go and see and what makes it even better is the fact that it can tailor to everyone’s budget. There are hotels and restaurants where you can really live in luxury but then there are also really nice places where you can stay and eat without spending an arm and a leg. The city has plenty to see and do with dozens of museums and gallery’s to visit, many of which are free to enter. Concerts and other performances are also very common in Strasbourg in particular its opera and ballet.

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