13 Dec

The Dreaded Lurgy

It’s time to look at all the vaccinations and illness avoidness techniques that we will need while we’re away.

As we are traveling primarily in disease endemic areas, there are plenty of vaccinations, medications and precautions that we will have to have in order to ensure that we don’t catch some dreaded lurgy. This is on top of regular medications and remedies.

In September we visited our local travel clinic. We had sent them our itinerary ahead of time so, when we got there, they were ready with all kinds of documents, advice, questions and ideas. ¬†We left there weighed down with pamphlets, leaflets, warnings and precautions — and completely overwhelmed!! The pile of stuff sat, untouched, in our office for weeks as we were unsure how to wade through it all.

This week I realized it was time to get busy with it. Being so much closer to selling our place has pushed us to the other side of ‘holy $hit, we better get going if we’re going to do this!!’, and so I sorted through the pile and distilled the important information out. Read More