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Into The Warm Embrace Of Family

26.September 2009



With warm and welcoming hugs Jasons’ family welcomed us into Germany and showed us all their favorite places in this fabulous country. It was nice to stay in a family home, eat home cooked meals and have the planning done for us…we relaxed right into it and enjoyed it thoroughly. First stop was Hanover where […]

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Berlin…More Than It’s Past

23.September 2009



Berlin is a vibrant, youthful, energetic, evolving city. It is more than its past and, although history looms large here, it is redefining itself and moving forward quickly into the future. We settled in here quickly, once again finding an apartment in a neighborhood outside of downtown. A place where we could get a sense […]

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Memory Studies

20.September 2009


Remains of The Berlin Wall

Memory studies is a new, and upcoming, branch of history concerned with how people, countries, and cultures remember the tragic events of their past. In the past, history has been written by the winners. Memory studies challenges this approach and places emphasis on all perspectives being remembered rather than just that of the victor. Being […]

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Culture Change

12.September 2009



Compared to the South American countries we have visited, Germany is small. There are no 8, 10 or 15 hour bus rides…trains whisk us where ever we want to go within just a few short hours and with the beautiful countryside whipping by, well, there is just no time to write. And so it has […]

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Germany Itinerary

10.January 2009



With only 3 weeks to spend in Germany, we will have to be selective in what we see in order to travel at a relaxed pace, see some urban and country sights, and to include some family visiting in too. Although we haven’t firmed up plans with family connections yet our hope is that our, […]

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