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Serene Mountain Top Retreat

15.November 2009

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Lonely Planet says that it would be a shame to travel directly to Pokhara from Kathmandu without making a stop along the way to enjoy the mountain views, and so we decided to break our journey and spend a night at Manakamana expecting  to enjoy a serene  mountain top retreat. Ummmm…..not so much. Unlike years […]

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Crazy Hazy Kathmandu

13.November 2009



My face was glued to the window all the way from the airport. We had finally arrived on the sub-continent and I was eager to see all the craziness. Kathmandu did not disappoint. The traffic was as crazy as I expected – our hotel owner later told us that there are no traffic rules in […]

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India (and Nepal) Itinerary

07.March 2009



India is a place that has facinated me for many years. I am, at the same time, excited to finally be going, and terrified of what it holds and how I will react. Ten weeks is not very long to spend – we have friends that spent 6 months in India alone! So we have […]

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