Taking Care Of The Pennies…Self Catering Or All Inclusive Holidays?

24.June 2013

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Whether you’re looking to book a last minute summer holiday or are already putting plans in place for next year, you’ll have to face the age old dilemma of choosing self-catering or all-inclusive.

Some holidaymakers refuse to go for anything other than self-catering because they’re travelling on a shoestring, but then there are those that believe all-inclusive usually ends up working out cheaper anyway.

Around a third of British tourists choose to go self-catering when looking for low cost villa holidays, compared to one in ten for all-inclusive, but what are the advantages to having to plan and prepare your own meals?

Freedom to eat whenever you want

Let’s say you like a lie-in when you’re on holiday and want to wake up at midday and scoff some cereal or toast for breakfast. Or, perhaps you like to eat later at night once the kids are tucked up in bed. Either way, you can eat whenever you fancy when self-catered, whereas all-inclusive holidays mean that you have to stick to the hotel’s mealtimes.

Club together for bargain bites

If there’s a larger group of you travelling, whether you’ve got a big family or all your mates are holidaying together, you can keep the cost of food and drink down by splitting the cost. All-inclusive holidays charge the same rate per person so you can’t save the pennies by buying in bulk.

Budgeting isn’t for everyone

While self-catering accommodation can be a way to cut costs on holiday, if you’re one to splash the cash, it might not be the best option. At least when it’s all-inclusive, you’re not responsible for getting the shopping in on a budget.

Lack of facilities

If you’re staying somewhere with just the basics, you might find that you don’t have the facilities to cook up fancy meals at your accommodation. You don’t want to be forced to dine out every night.

Budget in advance

Although all-inclusive holidays are often associated with luxury, they do allow you to budget for your trip before you even board the plane as everything is paid for in advance. This way you can relax on your holiday, rather than worrying about your finances.

Confined to the hotel resort

If you end up going on an all-inclusive trip, you’re likely to always eat in the hotel restaurant. This means that you’ll miss out on experiencing the local cuisine and restaurants as it seems silly to pay for your meals twice!

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