They Are Heading To The Mayor’s Thames Festival 2013

29.August 2013

Our Journey

Sometimes, living in a city that is also a tourist destination can be frustrating. There is some exciting event like the Mayor’s Thames Festival and the hordes descend. They elbow their way into your favourite haunts. They clog up the transit system. They generally look like a herd of lost sheep that doesn’t know where it is going except to block your business. It might be time for a break. These home town festivals may be best left to the visiting hordes. You need to escape. This is where knowing how easy it is to tuck into parking at Gatwick north terminal, followed by walk up to the any ticket counter and see where their next flight is headed.

Photo Credit: joeywan

Oh, you could try taking the train. That probably won’t take you far enough or fast enough away from the on rushing sheep. Somewhere you can really disconnect and recharge is going to require an airplane. Heathrow Airport has all of those tourists from away coming through it to invade your sanity. You need to protect the bank account in a last minute dash out of the country as well. Time for some discount airline magic and the luck of the draw at the airport.

Photo Credit: Raymond June

The excitement of just a wing and a prayer. No plan, arrive and find somewhere away from the invaders at home. Lightly packed and ready for anything. Some time unplugged, recharge nothing frustrating like those hordes back home. You arrive at the lucky destination and you join the everyone else trying to get out of the airport. Jostle for a taxi and find a hotel. Where to eat? Did I pack my toothbrush? How am I going to amuse myself for the next week? Maybe there is a local festival going on where I can learn more about the local culture? Stumble around an unfamiliar city, getting in the way of the locals just trying to go about their business. Accidentally take a regular’s seat at the bar and endure the stink eye while you are trying to catch your breath. This is starting to sound familiar. Perhaps staying home and being helpful to the tourist hordes wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. It could be a better idea than becoming the person you ran away from in the first place.

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