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15.November 2013

Our Journey

Everyone likes cute shoes. Even tough guys will mention how good a pair of boots look. They may not use the word cute but the sentiment is the same. The idea of finding cute shoes unite all people who are lucky enough to wear shoes. I had some trouble on our RTW letting go of a pair of cute shoes that I hoped I would wear but in the end were sent home.

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Fear not for your cute shoe needs. There are plenty of ways to get caught up while away. Checking out places such as Treds online from anywhere will not only keep you aware of your shoe collection habit but will also allow you to have that cute shoe delivered to your door on arrival back from your travels. You will be good and done with whatever you have been wearing for the entire trip/holiday/voyage. A little something shiny to greet you on your return is never a bad idea and it doesn’t need to fit in your already overstuffed bags.

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Or maybe it is time to get out of your flip flops finally. There was too much time lazing in a hammock with a frosty beverage always at hand. Getting back to the exercise regime is a more appropriate return for you. Something like Fitflop Shoes would make the transition easier. Part exercise shoe and still gives you the feeling like you are wearing flip flops just a little longer. Returning to the life you were taking a break from doesn’t need to be a cold turkey encounter. Having to give up adult beverages in the morning is enough of a harsh change, there is no need to get crazy and put on the entire responsible adult uniform on the first day back. Expectations that you would is someone else’s problem, at least for the first week back anyways. Just make sure you aren’t returning somewhere that has snow. It takes a special kind of toughness to push flip flops through the snow in order to maintain an illusion of hanging on for just one more day.

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