07.February 2011

Our Journey

It comes up, and boils over, with no notice whatsoever.

It feels so raw, so powerful, so…overwhelming.

Its a draw that feels undeniable. Un-fightable.

Sometimes I can’t even stand the thought of travel. I can’t read any blogs, hear any stories, or even look at my own pictures because it fills me with that hot lust and powerful longing that leaves me teary eyed and breathless.

This is it. A sense of magic. A sense of discovery.


wanderlust from Thinklab on Vimeo.

Update: some of the commenters are assuming the video is mine; it is not. I gratefully share it from ThinkLab; and, yes, it is amazing isn’t it?

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27 Responses to “WanderLust”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Oh Gillian. you really must stop making me cry.

    Not to sound like a hypochondriac but I definitely think I have this!
    As a matter of fact, the symptoms are so strong at this moment I can barely speak.
    Lisa recently posted..Saying Good Bye

  2. Amelie Says:

    Ah, that is exactly how I feel.
    Wanderlust is my best friend and my worst enemy.
    Amelie recently posted..Weekly Travel Photo- Columbia River Oregon

  3. Asa Says:

    Yep. Good job making me want to leave my apartment right now! Actually the idea of “wanderlust” is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently and I should have a new post about it soon (you even get a shout out in it :-)
    Asa recently posted..Lonesome Lake

  4. Kim Says:

    That was fantastic. What am I doing here on my couch? I need to get out into the world right.this.instant.
    Kim recently posted..Save an Extra 10K a Year

  5. Lisa @chickybus Says:

    Cool post and vid! I now have symptoms of wanderlust, too. Perhaps a trip in a few months will be the cure? :)
    Lisa @chickybus recently posted..Mt Nemrut- Turkey- 5 Reasons to Visit This Mini Easter Island

  6. Tijmen Says:

    I’m already have a hard time not quiting my job and drive to the airport, and this doesnt help :) Great video though!

  7. Ali Says:

    Well, there’s goes my day! My addiction is now screaming at me to do some travel research & planning. Since I know I can’t just go hop on a plane right now, that’s the next best thing. Thanks for motivating us & torturing us at the same time :-)
    Ali recently posted..Santorini Volcano Tour

  8. Pete Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Your vid and the music captures every reason we live to discover. Stunning job!
    Pete recently posted..I Am Teacher

  9. Ayngelina Says:

    Oh wow great share Gillian
    Ayngelina recently posted..Releasing my inner cyborg with the Hare Krishnas

  10. Anthony Says:

    Compelling video! Amazing images and story told just though images.

  11. Glenda Says:

    Thank you for diagnosing me….
    Glenda recently posted..Carry on

  12. Jill - Jack and Jill Travel The World Says:

    It’s addicting! That’s for sure :) Great vid!
    Jill – Jack and Jill Travel The World recently posted..The Parts About Planning A RTW Trip That Suck

  13. Adam Says:


    I have a really bad case of the wanderlust right about now, and this didn’t help one bit.

    Adam recently posted..Trekking Torres del Paine-What to Pack

  14. Sheryll Says:

    Absolutely incredible. I want to book a ticket now!
    Sheryll recently posted..I’m Worth More Than 50 a Week

  15. Sarah Says:

    Absolutely loved this video! The concept of wanderlust is so hard to sum up, but I think your words, combined with this video do the job wonderfully.
    Sarah recently posted..8 Simple rules for travelling as a couple

  16. Cathy Sweeney Says:

    Love it – thanks for posting it. I think I’ll watch it again.
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..Travel Photo Thursday – Sphere of Influence

  17. Erica Says:

    Thank you for sharing that video! I’ve been needing inspiration for my own endeavors! <3
    Erica recently posted..Not a Vacation

  18. Zablon Says:

    great video, its the best description of wanderlust

  19. joshywashington Says:

    Thanks for sharing this vid. It was some great travel stoke while I wait for a bus in Cordoba.
    joshywashington recently posted..Free Gear Giveaway Every Friday Sponsored by Moosejaw

  20. Nathan Shipley Says:

    Awesome. It made me think of this article by the same name that I recently read, bookmarked, and got all emotional about:

    Nathan Shipley recently posted..The trip is over Long live the trip

  21. Nicolas De Corte Says:

    thanks for sharing this great video!
    It must have taken an amazing lot of time to film all of that
    Nicolas De Corte recently posted..How to Take Photos in Bad Weather Conditions Part 2

  22. bweiss Says:

    thanks loved the time you put in the video

  23. Debbie Beardsley Says:

    Wanderlust… oh boy have I got a bad case! Pictures speak to me. The more I read and see, the larger my list of places to go becomes.


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