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I’m glad you came over to check OneGiantStep out and wanted to be here to welcome you. Welcome!!

You probably read Pam’s site for her marvelous travel stories and witty repartee.  Oh how I aspire to write like her!  I, too, write about travel; having traveled to fourteen countries during our RTW trip and now, having been seriously bitten by the travel bug, I dream and scheme about how I might just be able to travel more and more.

Mostly I’m glad you’re here so that we can connect. Are you planning a big trip? A small one maybe? Are you starting a business? Or just starting to write? In some way I think we’re all on our way to taking OneGiantStep out of our comfort zone. That’s my new plan; to not get caught up in the ordinary; to live just outside my comfort zone; to push myself to where I maybe thought I couldn’t go.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me see where you’re going, what you’re writing, what your plans are.

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Thanks for coming over – I hope to see you around!