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17.August 2013

Our Journey

One of my favourite places to stay is not a particular city or country but the type of accommodation. I love holiday villas! I have more space than a standard boring hotel room. I can save money by self-catering, especially breakfast. I am not a fan of having to venture forth in search of coffee before my eyes have opened, that is the point of having coffee. Okay, that is the real important thing, a self-catering accommodation so I don’t have to face the world until I’m ready, after a coffee.

Photo Credit: WarzauWynn

It is also really nice to have a little sitting area to relax or work if it is that type of stay. Nothing wrong with wanting to sit on something other than a bed while I’m being grown-up with a tumbler of wine. I don’t have anything against sitting on funking smelling beanbag chairs in a hostel with hippies but after awhile that does wear thin night after night. Luckily, hippies tend to avoid holiday villas and stick to cheapest dorm room / hammock / bed flop they can find.

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No hippies, some where to sit, the chance at a good cup of coffee before facing the world, that about sums up a good day for me. The other thing is I tend to be a little fixated on the budget. This keeps a long term traveller travelling rather instead of paying off credit cards and lamenting my job day after day. Finding holiday villas, particularly in the off or shoulder seasons can really help with the budget. Usually the owners have bought an investment property and they are trying to maintain a mortgage on the rent. In the off seasons, they are often willing to work out a good deal for an extended stay rather than risk being empty without income. Everyone ends up ahead. I can secure a beautiful holiday villa at a great deal, and the owner has a headache free month or three knowing that there is money paying the mortgage and an incredibly responsible traveller such as myself is taking care of their things. It is win-win all around.

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