13 Dec

Where In The World Are We? And What The Heck Is Our Plan Anyway?

Woodstock, Ontario

It may be the Next Giant Step but it has started rather unassumingly; relaxed and quiet, as if we haven’t realized yet that we don’t really know what we’re doing and don’t know that perhaps anxiety and stress are the more usual responses.

We left Calgary in a flurry of scrumpled packing paper and unanswered Kijiji ads, first heading north to Edmonton where we spent an inordinate amount of time by the fire in our PJ’s. Each day started with strong coffee and moved onward to ever stronger libations throughout the day as we caught up with old friends and put the last of our affairs together before leaving the province. Dressing was optional. I love that.

Things haven’t changed much since we left Edmonton. We’re in Ontario now staying with Jason’s mum; we’re still spending an inordinate amount of time in our PJ’s and have etched what look like permanent bum prints in the sofa.

We’ll have to get dressed tomorrow though as we head into Toronto for a weekend of finding Christmas Spirit (and spirits) before heading to the West Coast for the holidays where I predict more PJ wearing, coffee drinking, and general ‘imbibing’. You West Coasters have been warned!

And then?

And then we’ll head to THAILAND!

We have flights to Bangkok booked for January 21st. We’ll head to the beach for a couple of weeks (maybe Hua Hin…any recommendations?) and then head north to Chiang Mai were I hope to network and hang out with blogging colleagues while Jason continues to look for work.

Thailand. Not a bad place to go and wait for the next step. I’ll take it.

But what about the Grand Plan. What will that look like?

The Grand Plan is still the same; Jason will find short term consulting contracts (3, 6 or 12 months) and we will move wherever that is. The only criteria (at this point) is that the salary be enough to live in that country on. If we’re living in Spain his salary will need to be enough to live in Spain, if we’re living in Indonesia the same applies. In between contracts we’ll travel – where we are able to travel to will depend on what we can save during the contract. It’s a pretty simple formula…let’s hope it works.

No, we don’t have all the details worked out.

I don’t know anything about working visas, or taxes, or long term healthcare. I’m leaving that for Future Gillian and Jason to worry about. No point worrying about things that are bigger than us and that we don’t know enough detail about to manage now. As long as we have all the other stuff cleared up we should be able to research those things quickly as needed. Hopefully.

And me? I have a new project that I’m very excited about. The Global Bookshelf…Connecting Travellers To A World Of Stories. A place to find books and stories that will connect you to the trip you are already planning, or are dreaming about. Stories of inspiration. Of adventure. Of travel. I have a lot of work to do but I would love it if you would sign up for future updates either in the sidebar here at OneGiantStep or over at TheGlobalBookshelf.com

I also have A Travellers Christmas series coming up next week and a new weekly video feature that should start in the new year; 60 Second Travel Tips.

It’s an exciting time and we’re handling it the best way we know how; in our PJ’s, surrounded by those we love the most, with a big, fat, scotch in our hands.

Bring it on.

14 thoughts on “Where In The World Are We? And What The Heck Is Our Plan Anyway?

  1. Congrats on having your tickets to Thailand booked! It seems a great place to start your long term travel adventures. We’re not sure what to do about the long term healthcare issue either. I’m thinking I’ll keep paying for my home health insurance to keep it active, but paying for both health insurance and travel insurance bites. I am also leaving this issue for my future self to worry about though! We are also taking the approach of just trying to earn enough to live on initially so that at least we’re not going backwards. Congrats again! You’re an inspiration!
    Kate @ 30Traveler recently posted..Vegan Travel Snacks

  2. We’ve got the warning- fire is on to keep us warm- beer in fridge- booze cabinet filled- Christmas dinner planned- presents wrapped- looking forward to seeing you. READY.

  3. I was just thinking about you two, and wondering where you guys were. If I hadn’t been so busy with school the last few weeks I would have loved to have met up for a drink (especially knowing now that you were Edmonton), but I suppose I’ll have to settle with visiting you one day in Thailand. Congratulations on taking a pretty huge giant step. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures.
    Alouise recently posted..The Gift of Water and Flight – Supporting Passports with Purpose

  4. There wasn’t a lot that I loved about grad school, but the fact that I could have more days spent working in my pjs than not was certainly one of them! ;)

    I’m so glad you’ve let us in on your plans, and I’m so excited to see how the next few months go for you & Jason! It really sounds like you have some excellent projects coming up, and as I’ve said many many times, I really hope we’ll be able to see one another some time in 2013!
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted..Wotcha! A Day Trip to Stanley

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