16 May

Who Inspires You?

inspirationI used to think that everyone that came into my life was there to teach me something. I still think that…kind of, but have refined the theory a little.

Now, I think that it’s parts of people that teach, or inspire me.

I believe that there are pieces of people that we emulate. There is no one person that I want to be like, but there are pieces of many people that I want to take in and be part of who I am.

  • Passion. Man, I love passion. Whether I agree with their cause or not, I admire people who believe vehemently. Recently someone told me that they wish they were not so emotionally involved in everything and I replied that I wish that I was. It seems that even in this, the grass is greener on the other side.
  • Confidence. I believe that confidence can take a person a long way. I admire people who are confident in themselves, their abilities and their possibilities. If you don’t think you can do something then why would anyone else think you can?
  • Willingness. A willingness to try new things is another trait that I admire. Sure, I may not like every new food or new experience, but  I want to try new things all the time. People who are not willing to try, or who make up their mind before trying, test my patience. But someone who is up for anything is an inspiration in my book.
  • Peace. I admire people who are at peace. And no, I don’t mean dead. People who are at peace with themselves, who aren’t in turmoil, who are calm and settled with who they are. They have reached a place where they aren’t searching and reaching but just are.

What does this have to do with a travel blog?

Well, specifically, it’s about the people I have know that have traveled, and how they have inspired me to travel. Well, really I don’t know how they have inspired me, I just know that there is something about those people that made me want to be like them.

I think it’s because they have ‘stepped out’ and visited unusual places, made themselves uncomfortable and yet still seem so…like me. They make me believe that I can do it.

Quietly, without knowing it, they have inspired me.

9 thoughts on “Who Inspires You?

  1. Yes, I agree, but I have to say that you have done some pretty awe-inspiring things in your life Gillian, long before this big one. In the 20 years I have known you, I can’t begin to count the many times YOU have inspired ME. You are courageous, giving, passionate, willing, and extremely confident; you are someone I often consciously emulate :)
    (Don’t you find that with age the feeling of peace creeps in a day at a time….??)

  2. It’s hard to pick one person, but all of the people on my list share one common trait – determination and passion.

  3. I agree with nomadicmatt. Anyone who finds what they love to do and does it, no matter the cost or the hardship, inspires me.

  4. And you in turn have inspired others. It’s like an inspiration recycling program, or maybe inspiration fertilizer. Sounds like a good travel blog: Travel Fertilizer.

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