Why Do Airports Offer Airport Parking and How Can It Benefit Me?

01.October 2005

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Air travel is a huge money making business these days and you only have to take a look at the way in which the airports around the country are being expanded to see how the airport business is becoming more and more commercialized and as a result there are many spin offs to the airport and one of these is airport parking.

Happy customers spend more money and one of the biggest money making arms of all airports is the duty free and restaurant section. Companies will pay a huge amount of rent to the airport in order to lease space from which they can sell their goods. One of the ways in which airports can keep people happy is to offer safe and convenient airport parking that allows their customers to drive straight to their airport building and gives them a safe place where they can store their car whilst they are away.

This will then hopefully put them in a relaxed and happy mood and then they will go on to spend more money in the airport duty free lounge, restaurants and shops. Of course the airport on-site car parks also create revenue for the airport and as such they are money making streams in themselves.

There are other spin off companies that use the airport as a way of setting up businesses. Such as airport parking services that are independent of the airport itself. These are usually situated a couple of miles around the airport area and they will usually offer free shuttle services that run 24 hours a day and will take you from the car park to the airport and then back again.

If you are a traveller then you can make good use of these extra services that have been laid on in order to attract travelers to airports. Airport parking can make your life a lot easier if you are trying to make your way to the airport from which you are going to depart for your annual trip away.

Airport parking comes in a range of options from the basic park and ride service which is usually the cheapest option to the more expensive option which is a valet service. This is the ultimate in convenience as you will be able to book a pre-arranged time with the airport parking company who will meet you at that time and then take your car from you whilst you busy yourself with getting you and your luggage to check-in.  Your car will then be parked and stored for the duration of your stay and brought round to arrivals when your plane arrives on your return journey.

All of the major UK airports have Airport Parking available and as a result you will be able to find Heathrow ParkingGatwick Parking and Liverpool Airport Parking to order to make your trip abroad easier.

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