15 Jan

Using Wooden Barrels for Sale To Create Flavors from Around the World

It’s no secret that I LOVE beer and try to find the best of this magical elixir wherever I travel.

Fact is, it’s not just beer that I sample while I travel.

I also love gin. And whiskey. And scotch. And Rye.

I love strong tasting, infused, drinks with a bent toward the bitter end of the flavor spectrum.

I feel like we’ve hit the jackpot since settling down back home in Vancouver. Small scale distilleries are booming here; getting a locally distilled vodka, gin, or whiskey isn’t difficult at all. Many of them use local sourced base ingredients as well as hyper-local botanicals for infusion. It’s really a flavor explosion over here on the West Coast.

The next step, of course, is home infusing. Distilling at home might still be illegal, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop at enjoying the fruits of other peoples labor! We can infuse too!!

It’s super easy. You just need to find wooden barrels for sale that are the right size. You don’t want,or need, a large barrel – you need to fill it with vodka or whiskey, so keep your pocketbook in mind!

Next, you need to find the botanicals, or herbs, that you want to infuse into the liquor. If the barrel for sale has a medium charring you might just want to experiment with that flavor but, otherwise, you’ll want to find some good flavoring agents. Juniper, hops, orange peel, dried cherry, tarragon, rosemary…your imagination truly is the limit!

Fill the barrel with the alcohol, add the botanicals, and wait.

How long? It really depends on what herb, fruit, or botanical you’re using. Check it after a week, and every 4 days after that until it tastes perfect to you.

See? Easy peasy!