07 Mar

Almost Fearless

One of the first things I did after we came up with this crazy sell our house and car-put our jobs on hold-store all our stuff and travel the world for a year idea was to search the web to find other people who were doing the same thing to prove that we weren’t that crazy.

That’s how I ‘met’ Christine. She was a little farther ahead of me in her plan to ‘Quit your job. Travel the world.’ and I liked her temerity, her honesty and her move forward attitude. She encouraged me in those early days, and I like to think that I encouraged her too.

Now she is a successful ‘digital nomad’, making a living remotely as she writes about her experiences and shares advice, tips and stories of her travels and her move from corporate hack to freelance author. She is an example of how we are all One Giant Step from making our dreams come true and she inspires me to keep reaching beyond my comfort zone.

Today, I am super excited to have a guest post on her blog AlmostFearless. While you’re over there checking out my Travel Days post, have a look around – Christine writes for more than just the traveler and has plenty of good advice to help you ‘Redesign Your Life’.

9 thoughts on “Almost Fearless

  1. Congrats on the guest post – very cool! You are famous (which you already knew since having people recognize you on the street!). Hope you are doing well! Miss you – hugs G

  2. I feel a bit like a proud mama. And you are (were?) the introvert of the bunch! I always wanted a famous friend. I also always wanted a friend with a sailboat so if you could work on that…

  3. Congrats! I was happy to know you lived in Victoria. That’s where I’ve been for a while, but having troubles figuring out the path in the future.

  4. Next step is Letterman with your partner Jason when you get back, or is it Canada AM? Good for you. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  5. Knew our brains had gone somewhere, awesome guest post. Just soaking up all your adventures.Love you.Mom

  6. Thanks, Gil! I promised I’d visit your website and I look forward to your adventures. Wish I’d gotten started earlier but glad I didn’t wait till… too late. You’re a writer through and through. Look forward to reading more.

  7. Congratulations! I LOVED your guest post, as I do all of your postings You truly have a gift for writing but I knew that all along when I would say “Gillian, can you read this email before I send it?” and I am honoured to know you. I have a feeling there will be a “I knew her when” in your future. I struggle to compose a well thought out email for crying out loud! So Happy for you. I heard on the radio this morning that our forties is when we come in to our skin, that it is the best time of our lives. Holds true, perhaps?

    • Thanks for all the encouragement everyone…you’re all going to make my head swell! It was so cool to see my writing on another site and to hear the comments from Christine’s regular readers…maybe you’ll see me other places in the future?

      Welcome to any of you who came to visit from AlmostFearless! Hope to see you around here some more.


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