06 Sep

And So It Starts

We’ve been here in Calgary for five months now (already!). We have been extremely busy this summer exploring our new home and getting settled into new jobs. It’s been a great summer but I can start to feel the chill in the air as fall slowly creeps in. Before too long the dark hours will out number the daylight hours and I will get to experience what a real winter is like!

And so now it’s time to start turning my attention to the second part of our Responsibly Irresponsible plan…moving overseas.

Not knowing where to begin I started where I would start any other research; with Google.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

7 thoughts on “And So It Starts

  1. I think it’s easier to be an expat when you don’t have a secure, ongoing job. We’re lucky to be tenured teachers, who can take every fourth year off (without pay, of course). But I cannot imagine giving up that job to live abroad permanently.

    Have you decided on a country?

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