25 Mar

#FollowFriday 25Mar2011

Happy #FollowFriday!!

This week; a couple that are about to set off for world travel, a solo who gets out as much as she can, and a growing family who lives on the road.

As usual, some excellent examples of traveling and some great tweeps to connect up with!

Erica and Shaun  www.OverYonderlust.com @overyonderlust

These two travelers have been planning and scheming for over a year now. In fact OverYonderlust just celebrated it’s first birthday! Their plan is to kick off travel in Central and South America in the next couple of months and to travel for what I think it an undetermined time. They are currently working through their last minute to-do lists and anxiety checks. Their site is worth checking out if only for Erica’s fabulous photography…although I have a feeling that their travel stories are going to be interesting too!

Amanda  www.Dangerous-Business.com @dangerousbiz

I love Amanda’s fresh attitude toward travel. She is an Ohioan (is that the correct term?) who, like many of us, is struggling between managing a stationary life and the draw of travel. Her attitude and enthusiasm for all things travel (and for New Zealand in particular) is infectious as she tells stories and schemes of ways to get out on the road. She is definitely one to watch and I, for one, will be.

Caz and Craig  www.YTravelBlog.com @ytravelblog

This couple has been traveling and living around the world, apart and together, since 1997. Three years ago they added their daughter Kalyra and, more recently, they announced that they are expecting a second child. Although they touch on family travel on their YTravelBlog, it is not the focus. The focus is about how to travel and the site is packed with information, advice and how-to’s. Their Facebook page is an excellent place to connect up with them and other travelers. Definitely a blog, and couple, to follow!

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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18 Mar

#FollowFriday 18Mar2011

Traveling as a family has been the topic of a few conversations lately which is weird because Jason and I don’t have a family (well, we have family but we don’t have any children) . It’s come up though because people will say to me that I’m lucky to be able to do what I do because I don’t have a family…to which I say bullsh*t.

I believe that we are all capable of doing what we want BUT you have to be able to make sacrifices. You CAN travel the world with your kids but you can’t have it all.

This week I’ll introduce you to some families that have decided to make travel a priority and you can see that having children need not be a barrier to travel but can enhance it and be shared. They are all excellent resources for family travel and all contain a blogroll that will introduce you to even more traveling families.

Theodora and Z  www.TravelsWithANineYearOld.com @mummy_t

@mummy_t and Z have been traveling for more than a year now and have extended their initial one year plan into a multi year adventure that is now seeing Z settle in to school on Bali. Like most traveling family blogs, TravelsWithANineYearOld is an honest look at what traveling with children is like. Her post this week, Back To School, caught my eye as a straightforward look at the practicalities and emotions involved in not only returning to school, but in returning to school in a foreign country.

The Vogel Family  www.FamilyOnBikes.org @familyonbikes

I find this family extremely inspirational. On 08June2008 John, Nancy, Daryl and Davy left from the Arctic Circle in Northern Alaska and, if all goes well this weekend, they will arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina (the southern most town in South America) on Monday on their bicycles!!! They have pedaled every inch of the way from the tip of North America to the tip of South America. Unbelievable!

Their story didn’t start with this trip though; you can spend hours trolling their site reading about their past adventures as a family and learning how John and Nancy met which was indeed an adventure in and of itself!!

Congratulations to the Vogels as they reach the end of this journey!!

Michelle, Murph, BigB and CAM  www.WanderMom.com @wandermom

This family is also no stranger to travel and their current RTW trip, which started in Sept 2010 is just their most recent GiantStep. Wandermom writes about all aspects of travel; from planning and packing, to schooling and other practical basics. Michelle literally wrote the book on Traveling With Kids so you know she has to be a great resource! Plus there are tons of links to other family travel resources. There is nothing but good advice and great stories here.

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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11 Mar

#FollowFriday 11Mar2011

How did #FollowFriday sneak up so fast this week?

It must be because I spent most of the week in #YYC (Calgary) finding a new apartment and setting up for the new job. A successful trip (we found the cutest apartment in a great neighborhood) and, although the weather could have been warmer (how is this Island girl going to manage -30 or -40 next winter?), we’re excited to start exploring our new home.

This week it’s all about the male traveler:

Anil Polat  www.foXnoMad.com @foxnomad

Anil’s site is expansive…as is his knowledge about travel and technology. It’s a great resource with information not only on where to travel but also on how to travel with tips and tricks on packing and planning and how-to’s that will definitely make traveling easier. He’s also a great tech resource; helping you to decide which technologies are best for traveling and showing how to best use that technology to your advantage once you’re on the road.  Check him out, I know you’ll find him to be personable and super helpful.

Peter Carey  www.TheCareyAdventures.com @pwcarey

I love Peter’s photography which is good because that’s what he does. That, and travel. Which is a perfect combination. His Photo Of The Day is always a stunning picture of some exotic locale that makes my wanderlust sing and the photographer in me just wish I could create something even close. Lucky for us this month he is sharing his photog skills in his 31 Days To Better Photography series. It’s a generous offering of his experience and knowledge that will surely help even the most practiced photographer. I’m learning already and we’re only a few days in. Thanks Peter!

‘Dad’ and Tigger   www.1Dad1Kid.com @1dad1kid

Dad’s story is a compelling one of love, challenge, and triumph. As he and Tigger prepare to leave for an open ended travel adventure you can be sure that this might be the easiest thing he’s done in a few years. We all have things to overcome in order to live out our dreams but, sometimes, you don’t have to look far to find people that are really inspirational; those that face greater challenges and stand up to them with such grace that you can’t help but admire them. Check out their story and prepare to follow along as they show how to travel as a family.

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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04 Mar

#FollowFriday 04Mar2011

Happy #FollowFriday!

This Friday sees me winging it to my soon-to-be-new-hometown to check out apartments. That would be #YYC for you hashtag following tweeps and Calgary to those of you who speak normal language. I think that any time I leave home I’m traveling and I intend on treating this weekend just like that. We’ll check out some new neighborhoods and hit a pub or two in search of some good beer (I’m worried as I live in southwestern BC which really does have some of the best beer in the world!). Wish me luck!!

Here are some great tweeps to check out this weekend.

Lisa  www.ChickyBus.com @chickybus

Lisa doesn’t just write about travel; she tells great stories about the places she’s been, asks great questions about how we might travel, and takes great pictures to boot! In fact, her Trippy Travel Photo series is usually a ton of fun to watch…she posts a photo from her travels and we all guess as to where it is from. She is everywhere on Twitter and offers tons of support. I suggest you get aboard and grab a seat on this bus! It’ll be quite a ride!

Sally www.UnBraveGirl.com @unbravegirl

I love Sally’s writing not in spite of the fact that she breaks many blogging rules but because of it. She writes long, rambling posts and pays no attention to the ‘keep the paragraphs short’ rule. But it doesn’t matter because she is freaking hilarious!! I mean check out her categagory list: Blah, Blah, Blah (I Can’t Even Remember What This Is About) or I Almost Died (I Swear!) and Advice You Shouldn’t Take Seriously (Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You). Her posts are a great romp through what it’s like to travel with a glint in your eye and your tongue planted firmly in your cheek.

Jack And Jill   www.JackAndJillTravel.com @jacknjilltravel

Jack and Jill have been blogging for a while about their upcoming RTW adventure but they only just came out this week. Before now, they hadn’t told family, friends or employers about their plans and so hadn’t posted any pictures of themselves on the site. This week was the big reveal and we can finally see their smiling, friendly faces. They leave on their adventure on April 18th…be sure to follow along!

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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25 Feb

#FollowFriday 25Feb2011

This weeks #FollowFriday follows the trajectory of a traveler with one backpacker just about to head out on an RTW trip, one couple at the 6 month mark of their travels, and another couple who takes long term travel to a whole other level!

Jaime www.BreakawayBackpacker.com @babackpacker

Jaime is just about beside himself as he prepares to leave on his RTW on 01Mar2011…that’s in just 4 days! I love Jaime’s writing as he is just so full of enthusiasm and excitement; it comes through in every post he writes. He has a compelling backstory that includes him screwing up pretty badly but then taking full responsibility for it and even using it as a lesson and a driving force to move him forward. I can’t wait to hear his stories from the road as I’m sure they will be adventure filled and honest. Congratulations Jaime!!

Poi And Kirsty www.NoPlaceToBe.com @noplacetobe

Poi and Kirsty just posted their 6 month on the road post…already. These kids are having a romping good time as they wander through China and South East Asia. They got hung up in Chiang Mai for two months…as many travelers do…but are back on the road now hitting Laos, Cambodia, and then back to Thailand. I love them; they are fun and light and such a cute couple too!

Dave And Deb   www.ThePlanetD.com @theplanetd

Canada’s Adventure Couple more than live up to their name and show us what long term travel can really look like.  They have been traveling all over the world for 13 years as they chase down adventure and fun at every turn. They are dedicated to seeing the world, giving back as they go and reporting their story truthfully. Their next big adventure is to take part in the Mongol Rally in July; driving from London, England to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia while raising money for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. You can follow this adventure, and meet other memebers of the team, at TheSocialMediaSyndicate. Good luck guys…I’ll be following along for sure!

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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18 Feb

#FollowFriday 18Feb2011

It’s #FollowFriday again!!

Wow, it’s all about Twitter this week isn’t it? The Twitter Travel Tips series debuted this week; I can show you how Twitter would have changed the way we traveled. You don’t have to listen but, I tell you, I will be taking advantage in my future travels! Sign up now and join the conversation. You can find me at @OneGiantStep. Say hello!

Theresa www.LivesOfWander.com @livesofwander

I have been following Theresa and Jeff since before they departed on their RTW in Oct2008. We were still scheming and planning but already knew we would start in S.America which is where they started also. We followed intensely; watching to see how they would do; and, of course, they did just fine as we did also. They continued on through Africa, SE Asia and India providing great stories that are worth reading if you’re about to head out yourself.

Upon return Theresa started teaching ESL to refugees that have been forced to come here from their own countries. She writes about it this week in Language As Hope: Teaching English to Refugees. It is an eloquent piece that touches on the struggles of these people but, more importantly, of their grace and kindness under such pressure. I have always thought that refugees and immigrants are such brave people; I may have set out to travel the world and be uncomfortable, but they have been forced into it and do it with such courage.

Matt Kepnes www.NomadicMatt.com @nomadicmatt

Matt’s a heavy hitter. To me, at least, he represents what many of us travel bloggers aspire to be; he makes a living from his travel websites and travels around the world as he does it. What I love is that, along with doling out really practical information, he also keeps it very real and talks about his difficulties with the whole set up. His lastest post, Learning To Go With The Flow, is a testament to that in that it could be written by a travel newbie (as it was by me more than a year ago) but, in fact, is about him rediscovering how going with the flow is important at all the travel crossroads.

Todd Wassel   www.ToddsWanderings.com @toddwassel

Todd’s Wanderings is an excellent website featuring stories from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East; including his two time Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan. The stories are fascinating and the writing is compelling, but the reason I include Todd is the Travel Blog Challenge where he has made a name connecting travel bloggers and compelling us to try harder, dig deeper and share with each other. The articles he writes, or arranges, along with the homework and connection he promotes ensures that, those of us involved, will surely be successful.

If you love travel stories, then check out ToddWanderings.com…if you’re a travel blogger and you haven’t joined the Travel Blog Challenge yet…why not?

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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10 Feb

#Follow Friday 11Feb2011

Happy #FollowFriday everyone!!

The theme this week seems to be food and couples with two Tweeps writing about food as they travel, and two two-stepping it together as two-some travellers. Really, I kill myself sometimes!!No?!

Have you signed up to Twitter yet to join the conversation? You can find me at @OneGiantStep. Say hello!

Ayngelina www.BaconIsMagic.com @ayngelina

It’s pretty self explanatory…the girl writes about pork products!!! She’s had Jason drooling since she started! She writes about much more than bacon and ham though, telling stories about her travels through Latin America. It’s interesting watching her evolve in the process as she struggled with leaving Central/South America to continue her RTW plans and, ultimately, decided to stay in Latin America for the duration and then revealing that, secretly, she intends to stay on the road indefinitely. She is one to watch as she transitions into a location independant life!

Kim and Clark  www.ToUncertaintyAndBeyond.com @2unb

Kim is a fellow SpunkyGirl who has had a whirlwind last couple of months. She and her husband, Clark, recently returned from an around-the-world trip and she is currently in Guatemala (sans hubby) brushing up on her Spanish and wandering the country. I’m interested to see what Clark gets up to!!

Akila and Patrick  www.TheRoadForks.com @theroadforks

Akila and Patrick have also completed their 13 months of traveling around the world. They write about their travels with a foodie focus that will keep you coming back for more. This week they started a series called The RTW Planning In Retrospect Project whereby they look at the planning they put into their trip before they left and re-evaluate how important that planning was once they were on the road. Not only are they telling of their own planning hits and misses, but they are also including a Travelers Talk Back piece asking other travelers what their hits and misses were. Brilliant help for those of you planning your escapes now! You can look for my voice in the Talk Back Tuesdays.

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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04 Feb

#FollowFriday 04Feb2011


It’s #FollowFriday again…thank goodness! It’s always a day to look forward to catching up with tweeps from the week and highlighting those that I found interesting.

Next week I’m going to start a small series on how I use Twitter and how it would have changed the way we traveled. So, if you’re not signed up for Twitter yet, do it and have a look around so you’ll be ready to take my tips and tricks and run with it! Look me up at @OneGiantStep and say hi!!

Sherry Ott  www.Ottsworld.com  @ottsworld

I include Sherry this week because of her recent stories of Jordan and Petra, a place that I loved; but it is her sense of adventure and story telling that keeps me coming back. I first discovered her as she made her way teaching English in Vietnam (a place I had not yet visited but fell in love with once I had) and followed her Tiger Balm Tales chronicling her trip with her father to Nepal. This year, she is teaming up with people she barely knows to drive, over land, from England to Mongolia in the Mongol Rally. A serious adventurer!

Brendan van Son  www.BrendansAdventures.com @brendanvanson

Brendan has been traveling in South America recently; I can relate to his stories from Chile and Argentina but, even more interesting, he was able to go to Antarctica and see penguins!! And they look as cute as you imagine they would! Brendan also curates the very popular Top 100 Independant Travel Websites list. He puts a ton of work into this every week as he reads all the blogs, checks their Alexa ranking and does the math. I was super excited last week when I finally made it onto the list! And can proudly say that I move up 6 spots this week! Thanks Brendan for all the work you do on this and for introducing me to many more amazing travel blogs!

Karen Walrond  www.Chookooloonks.com @chookooloonks

I love Chookooloonks for its calming effect on my day. Karens’ photography is stunning and the words she writes to accompany her photos are always so calming and introspective. I love that her posts usually drop into my feed in the evening so that it’s often the last thing I read at night. A perfect way to finish the day. 

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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28 Jan

#FollowFriday 28Jan2011

Happy #FollowFriday!!

It’s all travel bloggers this week. The Twitter travel community is amazing; in fact, it produces so many new blogs and posts to read that it’s easy to get lost for hours and days at a time. Be careful as you peruse the writings of these fellow travelers.

Ali Garland www.AliAdventures.com @aliadventures7

One of my favorite Twitter stories ever broke this week. It turns out that Ali from AliAdventures.com is head over heels in love with Andy from GroundedTraveler.com…and they met on Twitter! It’s a fabulous story of two, like-minded, travel focused people finding each other through what I think is one of the best ways of connecting ever. Congratulations to both of them!

Adam Seper  www.WorldTravelForCouples.com @aseper

Adam and his wife, Megan, are experienced travelers having completed an RTW of their own in 2009.  His comment on my Responsibly Irresponsible post touched me and made me realize how difficult it is for many who return from long term travel. He includes all kinds of tips and tricks on his site. I particularly liked his recent post; You’re Married. Why Would You Stay In A Hostel?

Andi Perullo  www.MyBeautifulAdventures.com @andiperullo

Andi is a fellow SpunkyGirl, and one of the sweetest Tweeters out there I’m sure; always sharing and so thankful and kind when RT’d. She travels in style to beautiful places; her recent series on Chile, Argentina and Uruguay will make you want to go and her pictures from Easter Island are stunning!

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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21 Jan

#FollowFriday 21Jan2011

It’s #FollowFriday again.

A chance for Twitter folk to share interesting friends to follow and get to know. I have met many interesting people through Twitter and encourage you to jump in and get your feet wet. I agree it’s a little daunting at first but come on in and find me at @OneGiantStep…I’ll introduce you around.

Here are the Tweeps I’m highlighting this week.

Chris Guillebeau www.ChrisGuillebeau.com/3×5 @chrisguillebeau

I’ve been following Chris since just before we returned from our trip and am hooked on his message and his style. He falls somewhere in between travel blogger (with a goal to visit every UN recognized country in the world by age 35!) and lifestyle redesign writer. I like his unassuming delivery and the walk-the-talk example he sets. He recently wrote a book, The Art Of NonConformity, and I include him this week to mark my visit to Vancouver this weekend to meet him and have him sign my book.

Pam MacNaughtan www.SpunkyGirlMonologues.com @spunkygirlogue

Pam is chief SpunkyGirl and has recently re-aligned her site to be more inclusive of many voices. Me (yay!) and four others, plus Pam of course, offer up stories about all things travel including tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, and general how to’s. She kicked of January with a bang and a flurry of girl guest posts; including mine about covering up in Turkey. Each month will have theme (February is all about health) and you’ll have a chance to hear different points of view. An excellent resource!

Andrew Couch www.GroundedTraveler.com @groundedtravelr

Andrew is interesting to me because he lives an expat life in Germany and, as I revealed the other day, my Responsibly Irresponsible plan will one day take us to Europe (and I do love Germany)!! Andrew writes about  living an expat life in Germany, all things travel (not just in Germany), and is an excellent photographer.

Check them all out and tell them I sent you!!

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13 Jan

#FollowFriday 14Jan2011

I’ve been part of the Twitter community now for a few months. It’s an amazing community and I can easily say that, had I known more about it when we were traveling, it would have changed our travels…but more on that another time.

#FollowFriday is a time for us Tweeps (how cute is that?!) to introduce to our Twiends (okay, I just made that one up!) to other Twitteri (nope, that one is real.). Anyway, I thought I would bring it to OneGiantStep so that  you, too, could meet the Tweeps I call Twiends in the Twitterverse.

Christy Smith www.ThinkBlotCommunications.com @thinkblotcom

I met Christy through Twitter and have become a fan of her blog although it is not travel related at all. She writes about writing, and inspiration, and fear, and customers, and change…and I always find something relevant in all of her posts! My recent favorite is Fear Of The Jump

Matt Koenig www.OneYearSabbatical.com @1yearsabbatical

I love Matt’s story. He met, and fell in love with, his wife via the internet…and then traveled halfway around the world to meet and marry her! Love Conquers Fear he entitled the post…and I agree! Now they are planning on packing up their lives, and their two children, to return to her homeland for a OneYearSabbatical and, even though he married into the culture and has inside information, he sounds just as tentative and excited as any soon-to-be world traveler.

Kim And Brian www.So-Many-Places.com @RTWSoManyPlaces

Oh, how I have a soft spot in my heart for Kim! She is me circa Aug2008 when I took my first, tentative steps into blogging and tipped our hand about our grandiose plans. Reading her post announcing their RTW plans made me remember “that heady mix of excitement and anxiety that can see you one minute smiling and laughing like a goon, and the next minute balling your eyes out feeling like your going to puke”. (I quote b/c I made this comment on her post) I am more than excited to watch them step out and see their dream come true!!

Check these Tweeps out and I promise, next time, to keep the silly speak to a minimum…tweet, tweet!

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