07 Feb

Random Amusing Challenge and Fellow Bloggers to Check Out

p1010665My good friend Glenda, who blogs at PaperScissorsRock, tagged me for a Random Amusing Challenge this week. Works well for me as finding time to write this week is challenging because we are moving on Saturday after a whirlwind three weeks of closing the sale of our home, finding a place to live, and packing, packing, packing.

The rules are thus: Go to where you store your photos on your computer. Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH photo. Post that photo on your blog along with a SHORT story about it. Tag SIX people and leave a comment on their blog or email them letting them know you chose them.

I, like Glenda, had to bend the rules a bit to use a picture that would work. I started at the bottom of my files and counted six up, and then chose the sixth photo from the bottom.

This is the result. The annual Fat Bastard’s New Years Day Ride on 01Jan2009. After three weeks of snow there was some hope in the group that maybe we would be able to ride. As soon as we landed in the parking lot we all knew there wouldn’t be much riding but that fun would be had by all! We ended up pushing through the shortest route possible, hooting and hollering the whole way, had a snowball fight and finished it off with the requisite beers back at the truck. What a great day!!

This, in turn, leads me to introduce you to six blogs that I follow as I tag the following to continue on:

  • Pam from GoSeeRunEatDrink. Pam has been blogging for a little while now, but only went public with her blog very recently as she shared her upcoming RTW trip with her family, friends and workmates.  Congratulations Pam! I’m looking forward to travelling along with you.
  • Anna from AnnaGoesBananas. Anna is another fellow Canadian who is planning on moving to London very soon.
  • Geoff from ItinerantLondoner. Based in London right now, he is also planning an RTW trip in 2009 – although he is already one of the most traveled people I read!
  • Another good friend – Michelle from MichelleonMaui. Michelle and her family have spent the last 5 months in a mini retirement on Maui. They are now looking at returning ‘home’, and I’m interested to see what adventures they have next.
  • Nathan from NathanShipleyTravelsTheWorld. Nathan is one of the most interesting travelers I follow – I tagged him in this challenge because I can’t imagine what picture he will post. 
  • Dirk from MyMindsInk. Although he lost his job a few months ago, Dirk is optimistic and has started ‘The Project’ to find himself and his dream job. Interspersed are random musings on life.

Well, I better get back to packing – it’s not going to pack itself!!

24 Jan

21 Days…Ready, Set, Move!

6102204_4e210ef1c2_mWell, we finalized a deal on our home on Thursday and agreed to some crazy short timelines on the closing. 

21 days…that’s how long we have to find a place to live, pack up all our stuff, and move. Yep, that’s right, we don’t have a place to move to yet. 

Luckily, J and I don’t need much to be happy. Before we moved into our current home we lived in a teeny tiny basement suite referred to, by some, as the 3/4 house due to it’s low ceiling height. Before that I lived in an even tinier bachelor suite while I went to school. I have always found that if you make a place your own you can be happy no matter how big it is (or isn’t). I think this will hold true as we travel too – we’ll bring a little bit of comfort along in our packs, we’ll have each other and we’ll make each place our own, just a little bit.

17 Jan

Insuring A Good Time

insurance-policyI have read of travelers heading out without travel insurance. They say that medical care is cheap in foreign lands. They say that should anything happen to them they would get themselves back home and rely on the requirement of their local hospitals to help them. I say they are being naive, short-sighted, and irresponsible.

Are they naive enough to think that they won’t get sick, or perhaps trip or, heaven-forbid, get in an accident during their yearlong jaunt around the world? Are they short-sighted enough to not think about how they might get back to Canada (or the States) should something happen? Are they irresponsible enough to rely on friends and family to nurse them back to health or take care of them in whatever state they find themselves? Read More

03 Jan

Start the Countdown!!

5 months!!  Did you hear me?  I said 5, count them…five months until we take our first Giant Step! One, two, three, four, five…does that sound like very many to you? It doesn’t to me!

Of course, we’ve been counting down since we first made this decision in April 2008, and you’ve been counting down with us since August when we tipped our hand, but now it’s so tangible, so close, so…real!! It seems like we have a thousand things to do, that time will just fly by, that June will be here before we know it.

To mark the 5 month mark, I’ve come up with five lists of 5… Read More

20 Dec

Eating Around The World

When Jason and I first met 10 years ago he was working in the restaurant service industry (yes, that’s a fancy way of saying he was a waiter) and knew lots about food. I had always enjoyed going out for dinner and during our courtship we spent plenty of time in some of the best restaurants in Vancouver. We still go out regularly now but we have also honed our cooking skills to a point where we can stay in and eat just as well.

We love eating. We love going out to eat. We love cooking. We love fancy food. We love simple food. We like trying new food. We like old favorites. We like local food. We like exotic food. We love food. Read More

13 Dec

The Dreaded Lurgy

It’s time to look at all the vaccinations and illness avoidness techniques that we will need while we’re away.

As we are traveling primarily in disease endemic areas, there are plenty of vaccinations, medications and precautions that we will have to have in order to ensure that we don’t catch some dreaded lurgy. This is on top of regular medications and remedies.

In September we visited our local travel clinic. We had sent them our itinerary ahead of time so, when we got there, they were ready with all kinds of documents, advice, questions and ideas.  We left there weighed down with pamphlets, leaflets, warnings and precautions — and completely overwhelmed!! The pile of stuff sat, untouched, in our office for weeks as we were unsure how to wade through it all.

This week I realized it was time to get busy with it. Being so much closer to selling our place has pushed us to the other side of ‘holy $hit, we better get going if we’re going to do this!!’, and so I sorted through the pile and distilled the important information out. Read More

06 Dec

Risky Business


Gillian and Jason roll rock OasisThis week I was going to write about where we might be one year from now. Like I said here, one of the ways we stay motivated is to imagine where we’ll be this time next year. However, one year from now we will be in India and not long after that we’ll be in Thailand. Given the serious situations in both those countries these past weeks it’s hard to think about how much fun we’ll be having when we’re thinking about how we might handle such situations while we’re on the road. Read More

27 Nov


SOLDWe had an open house on the weekend that finally proved fruitful!!  We have accepted an offer on our condo.  It’s on condition of the sale of the buyers current condo, but we are optimistic that their place is well priced and in a desirable area of town (wait a minute…isn’t that what we said a little while ago?). Anyway, they will be motivated to sell and we will think positive thoughts for them (and us)!

And so comes to the end of the ‘play off’ beard.  Jason has, in the interest of good karma (or so he tells me), not shaved since we placed our unit on the market.  Oh, he’s ‘cleaned it up’ and ‘kept it neat’, but he is currently fully bearded. He almost gave in just last week but I talked him through it and explained that he must keep the faith. And thank goodness too as this week has proven to be successful!

Truth be told though, I think it is J’s brother Kevin who might be the root of this good fortune. Kevin came to visit last year at this time and the following week Jason got an interview which led to his current job. Kevin happened to have been visiting just this past weekend and was here during the open house…jump to your own conclusions, I am thinking we might owe Kevin a beer! 

Stay tuned, and think positive thoughts!

22 Nov

Staying Motivated

We’re just about 1/2 way from when we decided we would take this step, to actually leaving at the beginning of June 2009. 

At first we were tentative and scared, wondering if we could, wondering if we should do this. Then we were secretive and excited as we planned and schemed a way to do it. After that we were anxious as we ‘let the cat out of the bag’ and told our family and friends of our plans. And we were motivated…spreadsheeting, reading, phoning, researching and learning. Read More

08 Nov

One World….Three Ways

When it comes to planning a trip around the world, it seems you can do it one of three ways.

We haven’t decided yet which, of the three, we will go with. Each has merits, downsides and comfort level. On the travel sites I’ve visited, and the travelogues I read, one method does not stand out above the others as being more popular. That’s what makes the decision difficult – there doesn’t seem to be a ‘right’ way, or a ‘wrong’ way, to do this. Read More

01 Nov

Engfranish Anyone?

I love my spanish teacher.  I love learning spanish. I’m not sure I’m very good at it, as it seems to be taking a long time, but I am loving the process. I think I’m good at pronouncing the words, and I’m not bad at reading, but conjugating verbs and coming up with words is proving to be difficult.

Turns out I remember more french than I ever thought I knew!! It’s been about 24 years (seriously? that long?) since I’ve taken a french course but, every time I try to find a spanish word in my head, up pops the french word instead! And it sticks – I can’t get rid of it to find the spanish word. And so I’m left with a curious mixture of english and french and spanish…engfranish? Hopefully it’ll work itself out soon. Read More