10 Sep

Continuing Inspiration

We’ve been back in Canada for four months now and life has, in many ways, returned to ‘normal’. Our feet are still itchy but we scratch them as best we can by heading out almost every weekend to visit friends, mountain bike or discover new cities – we have not lost the ability (or want) to just pick up and go!

I still read a huge number of travel blogs too. It’s fun to read stories of those who are now on the road or who are just starting to plan their own great journeys. They offer continuing inspiration for others  who aren’t quite ready yet…and help those of us who have returned home relive our own time away.

Here are some that I have been following. Enjoy.

  • Surrounded By The Sound: Amy and Sean are 6 months into a one year RTW trip. They write great, amusing posts accompanied by fabulous photos.


  • Thom And Sean’s World Trip: Just 3 months into their two year! RTW journey, these Brits have just completed classic USA road trip portion of their itinerary and have just landed in New Zealand ready for more driving, some camping and, hopefully, extreme sports!


  • Living The Dream: Currently in Japan (and making me extremely envious!), Jeremy is in the first month of his one year RTW trip. He is chronicling every detail of his  trip and so is an excellent resource for those of you planning your own trip.


  • To Uncertainty And Beyond: Clark and Kim just redesigned their site and I love it! Full of great stories, beautiful photos and Kim’s great City Guides. They are working their way through Europe before heading into the Egypt/Syria/Jordan area.


  • Wallagrams: This is a couple to watch as they plan and save and dream about their RTW trip planned to start in 2012. Corey and Lisa know that it takes time to live their dream and they are writing about it as they wait.

3 thoughts on “Continuing Inspiration

  1. Thanks, Gillian, for mentioning our blog! I’ll have to check out these other ones. I realized lately that many of the people in the blogs I read have returned home. I will keep reading them as long as they keep writing (hint, hint) but I need to add some new ones to the repertoire.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Gillian!!!! : )
    . . . Like Amy said we’ll have to check these other blogs out. Not sure if you’ve heard of http://80liters.com/ – another couple who just started their journey. Japan was their first destination & now they’re in China!

    Thanks again,
    Corey & Lisa

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