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#FollowFriday 14Jan2011

I’ve been part of the Twitter community now for a few months. It’s an amazing community and I can easily say that, had I known more about it when we were traveling, it would have changed our travels…but more on that another time.

#FollowFriday is a time for us Tweeps (how cute is that?!) to introduce to our Twiends (okay, I just made that one up!) to other Twitteri (nope, that one is real.). Anyway, I thought I would bring it to OneGiantStep so that  you, too, could meet the Tweeps I call Twiends in the Twitterverse.

Christy Smith www.ThinkBlotCommunications.com @thinkblotcom

I met Christy through Twitter and have become a fan of her blog although it is not travel related at all. She writes about writing, and inspiration, and fear, and customers, and change…and I always find something relevant in all of her posts! My recent favorite is Fear Of The Jump

Matt Koenig www.OneYearSabbatical.com @1yearsabbatical

I love Matt’s story. He met, and fell in love with, his wife via the internet…and then traveled halfway around the world to meet and marry her! Love Conquers Fear he entitled the post…and I agree! Now they are planning on packing up their lives, and their two children, to return to her homeland for a OneYearSabbatical and, even though he married into the culture and has inside information, he sounds just as tentative and excited as any soon-to-be world traveler.

Kim And Brian www.So-Many-Places.com @RTWSoManyPlaces

Oh, how I have a soft spot in my heart for Kim! She is me circa Aug2008 when I took my first, tentative steps into blogging and tipped our hand about our grandiose plans. Reading her post announcing their RTW plans made me remember “that heady mix of excitement and anxiety that can see you one minute smiling and laughing like a goon, and the next minute balling your eyes out feeling like your going to puke”. (I quote b/c I made this comment on her post) I am more than excited to watch them step out and see their dream come true!!

Check these Tweeps out and I promise, next time, to keep the silly speak to a minimum…tweet, tweet!

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