We haven’t been honest with you. 

You’ve been asking what we’ve been up to, or what we have planned, or how’s the job going…and we haven’t been honest.

In reality, we’ve been up to quite a bit, we have some huge plans, and the jobs…well, we’ll have to see.


Putting up the sign.

You see, we’re planning on doing some traveling.  A lot of traveling. In June 2009, Jason and I will set off for a one year journey that will take us around the world.  Yes, one year.  Yes, around the world.  We have been dreaming and planning and scheming for some months, and now, it’s time to tell you all.  

We have put our place on the market and, when it sells, we will move into an apartment until our departure date. This ensures that the place sells before we leave, that we get top dollar (as the market is in decline) and is one less thing to worry about later on.

As you can imagine, there is a ton of work to be done to prepare.  We are busy planning itineraries, researching visas and entry requirements, determining which vaccinations are needed, selling the house, developing a blog…and biting our nails!  

So…now you know.  Ask us any questions – we’re excited to talk about it.  And check back here for more news as our plans move along.