The Macau gambling economy has been soaring over the past year. Many Macau casinos are seeing record growth year over year, Macau Casinos have seen a 55% increase in profits. This is in part to the ever growing tourist economy in Macau and after the Chinese New Year; they are expecting to have one of their biggest months ever. Now is a great time to visit Macau and try your hand at some of their lavish casinos. Here are a few of the better casino to visit.

Grand Lisboa

The 58 floor Grand Lisboa is the tallest hotel and casino in Macau. The hotel offers 430 hotel rooms and suites but it has some of the best gaming in all of Macau. There are over 1,000 slot machines housed in the facility as well a mammoth 800 gaming tables. It was one of the first casinos in Macau to offer craps and was the first one in Macau to offer Texas Hold’em poker ring games.

Altira Macau

Located on Macau’s Tapai Island, the Altira Macau is the largest building on the island. Formerly known as the Crown Casino, the casino has over 500 slot and gaming machines, 220 table games, and a 216 hotel rooms. In addition there are 10 restaurants and bars offering something for all discerning tastes.

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao is probably the #1 stop for anyone wanting to gamble in Macao. With over 550,000 sq ft of gaming space, it is easily one of the largest casinos in the world. The casino is split into four themed gaming areas and has over 3,400 slot machine and 800 gaming tables. The overall property, including hotels is 10.5 Million sq ft. This makes the Venetian the largest hotel property in Asia. Venetian Macau’s hotel has 3,000 guest suites available. In addition to the massive gaming and hotel spaces, the Venetian Arena has been host to many sporting events including professional boxing, tennis, and even the NBA.

These are just a few of the numerous gaming options available in Macau. Now is really the time to go to Macau to play casino games. With record turnout and lavish facilities, Macau is quickly growing to become possibly the gambling capital of the world.