Photo Credit: heza

Africa has not been on my not-a-bucket-list. I don’t know why but for some reason it scares me. Probably because I know next to nothing about it other than news stories and novels from high school.

Our recent decision to leave the county has unearthed opportunities quicker than I ever thought possible…and South Africa has popped up. Here are three must-see places for me:

  1. Table Mountain lords over Cape Town and just begs to be summited! There are hikes in and around the lower edges of this imposing monolith and I’m told one can summit up through the gorge in about 3 hours. Worst comes to worst though I could always take the cable car to the top so that I’ll have some energy left to take in the view.
  2. Kruger National Park is South Africa’s first National Park and one of the largest in the country. Although I would definitely visit for a chance to see Africa’s ‘Big Five’ (African elephants, black rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, lions, and leopards), I also think that the lanscape would be captivating. I’m a huge fan of wide open spaces and here I think a person could probably see for ever.
  3. Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is at the southern most tip of Africa – how cool is that!? It’s now a National Heritage Site and worth the time for the journey. I would definitely climb to the top to see if I could see any wrecks out in the ocean!

Hmmm…seems to me now all we have to do is find a budget friendly hotel and a flight and we’ll be on our way! Yay!

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