Looking for tropical climate, interesting culture, bustling markets and a look at a different slice of life? Head to Thailand! Fly Emirate airlines for a taste of luxury that is affordable in this part of the world. Finding hotels in Bankok couldn’t be easier and you’ll be impressed with the Thai aesthetic.

Here are three must see’s while in Bangkok.

Grand Palace

The King is revered in Thailand. There are pictures of  him adorning signs in the street, hanging on the wall of every restaurant, and in the home of every Thai. He is not only adored because he is King but because he is a good King; visible, accessible, and open to the needs of all the people. Thai’s consistently speak of him, and his good deeds, in a manner that easily shows how much they love him.

The Grand Palace is the official residence of the King. Although he doesn’t actually live there now (he lives nearby in another complex), the Grand Palace is used for official functions and fits the bill in every way. It’s a sprawling complex filled with opulent temples, stupas, and ceremonial buildings including the house of the Jade Buddha. It is more than worth spending a few hours in this amazing home of an amazing King.

The Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)

I’m not sure if I enjoyed the temple or the ride to it more. Taking a ferry boat on the Chao Phraya river shows a side of the city not available on the busy roadways on land. It’s a much quieter (although if long tail boat speeds by you might not think so!), slower way to get around. There is a dock right at Wat Arun so it’s easy to get to.

The Temple of Dawn has existed, in some form, since the mid 1600′s. The Khmer style tower is the main feature of this temple but the other buildings on site are also worthy of a visit. We found it not too busy when we arrived and were easily able to find corners to ourselves and great vantage points to see across the river.

Floating Markets

There are a number of floating markets around Bangkok and many more tour operators willing to take you to them. It’s a great way to get out of the city and see a side of Thai life that you won’t find in the hustling and bustling city. Sure most of them are set up as tourist hubs now but there is real commerce occurring and it isn’t hard to think back to what life must have been like when markets like these were the center of a community.

A few days in Bangkok is the perfect start to your time in Thailand. Life in the city is different than the rest of the country but should be seen and enjoyed.