Spring is almost upon us – the UK’s first daffodils are coming into bloom, and the sun has even made an effort a few times already! Now is the perfect time to see whole regions come into bloom; enjoy the Easter celebrations across much of Europe; or even visit those countries whose spring climate is as warm and sunny as our summer. With the help of Hotel Reservation Service (HRS) we’ve put together a list of the places you should see this spring – beat the tourists and start planning today!


Spring in Florence is warm and pleasant, giving you the perfect opportunity to discover the region’s flower festivals and walk through the beautiful countryside. This is also the perfect base to see in Holy Week, as the city hosts a large parade of musicians dancers and flower displays, followed by a huge fireworks display in the evenings – known locally as the “Scoppio del Carro”.


While the weather in Prague throughout spring is unpredictable, it’s usually mild with a few springtime showers. Now is the time to see the city gear up for summer, and as you arrive you’ll likely see flower boxes and delectable chocolates in shop windows, as well as a distinct lack of crowds even in the biggest tourist hotspots. Look out for the Prague Easter Markets, and the Bohemian Carneval – Prague’s own answer to Mardi Gras.


Who doesn’t love Paris in the springtime? Colourful blossoming landscapes, rich coffee on café terraces looking out over the streets, and walks through the old quarter in the sun; Paris promises a wonderfully relaxed spring holiday. If you’re here over Easter, you’ll soon discover why Paris is famed for the best chocolatiers in Europe, while a visit in Europe will give you a chance to see how even the French celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the many Irish ex-pat bars across the city!


Amsterdam is another city that gears up for summer slowly, and you’ll find many street cafés just opening up again, as well as a marked increase in the number of boats making their way through the famous canal system. The walks here are by far the best reason to visit; a walk along the canal bank takes you past thousands of tulips, and trees bursting with new growth.


While Marrakech in spring is as chaotic as it is the rest of the year, it’s also a far more bearable temperature than it is in summer, averaging around 25C. It’s the ideal time to see the city without the exorbitant crowds and stifling heat – but do make sure you leave time to see the gardens and museums, as when it does get hot it’s the shady, enclosed Islamic architecture that will keep you cool.