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During most people’s late teen and early adult year’s budget airlines and grotty hostels are more than enough to keep your holidays cheerful and exciting. But after a few years of booking either through a cheap holiday chain or doing the leg work yourself you might decide to book with a travel company such as Trailfinders and you will never looked back. Here are some reasons why:

From Rome to Magaluf Europe is one amazing place full of wonder. However once you venture out of it s varied and rich land you’ll find there is plenty of organising and things to consider. Visas and immunisations are simply things that a good travel company can help sort with minimum stress.

  1. Talk to people with Expertise

It really is a pleasure to talk to people with in-depth knowledge of countries, sights and activities of the largest cities to the smallest resorts in the world. The best travel companies are made up of people that have spent their lives exploring the world. If you want to know the best time to get the Ghan down under and arrive in Alice Springs on your birthday your travel agent can advise!

  1. Avoid the Stress of Budget Travel

This one is pretty self explanatory especially if there is more than a few of you. Long queues, unhelpful staff, no leg room and ludicrous baggage allowance. We have all been there. Once I heard the rumour of standing seats on a certain budget airline I was done!

Again if you are doing anything more than a short city break a travel agent can really help with saving valuable pennies. Travelling on the Blue Train, touring South America and an amazing round the world trip are all amazing life experiences that I couldn’t possible have booked myself for the price I got with an independent travel company

Perhaps the simplest of them all! The best thing about a travel agent is the ability to provide a personalised travel experience at the right quality and price that most importantly, saves time and energy for you so you can enjoy the holiday!

Please feel free to comment and share experiences! Happy Travelling!