Couple of weeks on your hands and wondering what to do with them. I don’t wonder, there is only one thing to do, ROAD TRIP. I don’t need to spend my days with old things behind glass in a museum or trying to tell the difference between an ugly modern styled house and an ugly arts and craft one. Just top up the tank and let’s go find some good solid truck stop food. Oh don’t let the nasty February weather deter you, get yourself and a good copilot down to Florida. If you have to fly in, there is no better excuse to rent that convertible and put a permanent grin on your face.


Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik 

Maybe you need a break from the road. I don’t know why but you are you. If you are looking for classic then get yourself some Disney World tickets  and see what Mickey and the gang are up to these days. Can’t go wrong with some rides and mouse ears. Warning, they probably won’t last long on your head if the top is down when you drive away. Just don’t want any crying on this trip over lost mouse ears. It isn’t like they have boxes of those things.


Photo Credit: sharingflorida

Back to the important thing, driving. Searching out someone’s retired uncle in a trailer park can be fun for all of a few seconds so you need to set a real destination. Something that is part eye candy and puts a few mile of road under the tires. If you are in Florida already because you can’t handle driving in the snow, then go all the way. I’m talking the southern most point. Point that lovely piece on metal south and get yourself to the Keys. Get on Route 1 and enjoy the ride.


Photo Credit: kasei 

This will take you Key hopping deep into the Caribbean. Life will start to soak in the flavour of islands more than that big chunk of land you left behind. Sea food will melt in your mouth and the rum will taste just a little better at the end of the day’s drive. Sunset is something to celebrate and casual is the overall theme to life. I think they should have a big rental car return centre down there because you aren’t going to want to go back to life as you know it. I’ll leave it to you and your lawyers to explain it to everyone back home. My job is done if I got you here.


Photo Credit: webmink