You may have visited a few casinos in your time, but only once will you visit the casino at Monte Carlo. Perhaps you will be invited there for a dinner dance in the restaurant with the  roof that opens to the night sky. A black tie do with food, entertainment, and an amazing atmosphere. After dinner all the guests are presented with a small faux leather pouch full of chips (the kind you gamble with, not those that you eat) and are invited to play in the casino.

To say that the casino is impressive would be to sell it short. It is breathtaking in its opulence, and it is straight from the Belle Epoque. Constructed in 1878 it has a rich and vibrant history. The casino is full of amazing frescoes and sculptures, and the atrium is a masterpiece of marble and gold. With a bag of free chips and the chance to play roulette in the same casino where Charles Wells broke the bank; perhaps like him you will win 23 out of 30 successive spins and come away with a million francs (or even Euros).

The dress code in the casino is fairly casual, so where what you like, be comfortable. It makes you wonder what’s gone on – you always see such smart folk in casinos but here glamming up isn’t essential. Online casinos like could have something to do with this – with people being able to play from their home in lounging attire, it’s likely that a few of the land-based casinos have realised that requiring a strict dress-code could put punters off nowadays. You can exchange your free chips for roulette chips and get down to placing a few bets. You won’t even care if you win or lose, the feeling of just playing roulette at Monte Carlo casino will be enough.

Have a great evening, enjoy a cocktail or two, and keep in your memories the great time you had in Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is a great place, well worth a visit.