You have an itinerary. You have practiced packing your bag several times. You are itching to go. But what about the those other details, the not so fun stuff, like paying your last phone bill at home, or doing you taxes while away? Here are some pointers to help, like how to find the best options for bank accounts to suit your needs.

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 Here are some things to think about:

Are you happy with your current bank?

Does the bank offer accounts that will support you while travelling?

Can you apply for a bank account online that will work for your schedule?

Will that bank issue additional ATM cards so you have a backup?

Will you need someone else with access to the account to take care of bills while you travelling?

Does the bank account have secure online banking so you can manage your affairs while away?

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The best way to tackle a less than fun decision, such as who gets to hold your money, is to make a list of all the things you want the bank account to do for you while you are travelling. There is no one size fits all option in banking and the rules, options and application process will vary significantly for country to country depending on your citizenship. Contrary to some beliefs, banking is not a stagnant industry. What was good for a fellow traveller last year may not exist this year or a different option is now better. Unfortunately, you should do your own homework on this one.

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If you have time and you think dealing with a bank is a fun way to fill an afternoon, visiting banks in person may yield insight into the best way to manage your money while travelling. Keeping all of your savings in a single account with a single ATM card is terribly convenient but not so secure or going to help make a small amount of money on interest each month. A real person may help give you some idea of the options available. The person at the bank may be able to approve you for a better rate of interest either on your credit cards or your savings account. It never hurts to ask.