Photo Credit: Adriano_of_Adelaide

Australia is an amazingly beautiful place which is as diverse as it is vast. Some of the most unique and picturesque places in this incredible country are located along the coastline, thanks to the natural spectacle of the land meeting the sea. With towering cliffs, pristine beaches, majestic mountains and lush rainforest all on display, the coastline is popular amongst both locals and tourists alike. If you’re looking to experience some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country, here are 4 of the best ways to travel the coast of Australia.

Cruising in Comfort

Taking a cruise is one of the most popular ways to see the best of the Australian coastline. With luxurious liners such as the Carnival Spirit taking travellers on frequent voyages, you can benefit from all of the facilities and style of a hotel while taking in the incredible sights throughout the trip. Port excursions allow you to explore the coastal region while the ship is docked, and are greatly varied depending on your interests and tastes. Cruising is a versatile way to see the Australian coastline in supreme style and comfort.

Pure Motorcycling Paradise

With endless sweeping corners, spectacular views and a range of great towns along the way, coastal roads in Australia offer pure paradise for motorcyclists. When the weather is fine, hundreds of bikes can be seen on any weekend cruising along the coastal route and soaking up the sights. There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom that you experience on a motorcycle, and this is enhanced by the stunning natural setting of the Australian coastline. If you don’t have access to a motorbike, there are plenty of hire companies that will organise a bike of your choice for however long you want to ride, whether it’s a few hours or a whole week.

The Coast by Car

Taking a coastal road trip is popular for many of the same reasons as with motorcycling, but without the disadvantage of getting wet in inclement weather! The views from the routes that hug the coastline are simply stunning, and the roads themselves are fantastic fun for the avid driver.

Pedal Power

For those who are looking for a supreme physical challenge, there is a range of cycling tours that follow popular coastal routes. You can make your trip as long or as short as you like, and should keep in mind your current level of fitness before you make your booking. Travelling by bicycle allows you to truly experience the atmosphere and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Australian coastline.

With these diverse travel options, there’s something for every age, interest and style to allow you to see the best of the Australian coastline. Whether you choose to cruise in comfort aboard a luxury liner, or take the road trip of a lifetime, you are bound to enjoy your holiday as you explore the spectacular coastline of Australia.

Emma Jane has been a freelance travel writer for 4 years. She has recently been invited to go on a press trip to cruise the Alaska and described it as once in a lifetime experience.